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Workout 7.24.20

5 rounds of: 
:15 hard bike, :45 easy spin

Every :90 for 3 rounds
3 empty bar squat jumps–sit to your box for the box squats

Then warmup your 
Box Squat
Start a new set every 2:30

Build as you’re able to the 1. The goal on the back down is to use a heavier weight than on the way up

After each set do: 
10 ring rows
2 Broad jumps for max distance. Only do these through round 5 (after the 1 rep).
Death by bike cals

Start at 10/6, add 1 cal every minute until failure. 

You must reset your cals every minute. 

10:00 cap. 

If you fail, easy spin for the rest of the 10:00. 


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