Workout 5.8.20

8:00 EMOM
A 10 side plank dip ups/side
B 1 wall walk+ :10 hold

10:00 EMOM
50 foot suitcase carry

switch hands every minute

You may do a pinch carry if all you have is plates

CrossFit Workout
For time

400m farmer’s carry buyin, then

Bicep curls
20 situps
3 wall walks

no weight–:45 towel curl hold

kb/db– 20 curls (/arm if single arm/light weight)

barbell–20 curls

if you can safely do it, you may sub 20 feet of handstand walking for the wall walks.

Rx on the carrry would’ve been 20/16kg for guys, and 16/12 for ladies.

Extra Work-Strength Bias
8 sets of 3
Hip thrust.

Load as heavy as you can without compromising your back


10:00 EMOM
2 pendlay rows–about 1/3 of your max deadlift


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