Workout 6.4.21

Go through a toe to bar progression (kip swings, kipping knee raises, kipping toe to bar, strict knee to elbow/toes to bar

Then warm your deadlift up to workout weight 

Then hit 1 round of: 
8 bar facing burpees
8 deadlifts 
4 toes to bar
:20 side plank/side
3 rounds of: 
1:00 max reps at each station

Station 1 bar facing burpees
Station 2 deadlifts 185/125
Station 3 toes to bar
Station 4 Side plank
Station 5 rest 

Score is reps on stations 1-3 BUT in order for that round of reps to count, station 4 must be unbroken (you may switch sides as long as your hips don’t touch the ground)

Rx+ GHD side plank–and you can increase the deadlift weight if you want. 


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