Workout 6.13.23

4×2 clean high pull –pause at the knee up and down for 2 seconds

Note–do 1 thruster (from the ground) until you get to workout weight in the strength piece. If you don’t get there, good sign to scale the weight 🙂

4×5 rfess at 1201 tempo
15 min time cap
Buy-in: 50/40 cal row

2 rounds:
5 Renegade row+devil’s press (50/35)
10 slow tempo pikes on rower 2 in 2 out tempo
15 lateral burpees over rower
20 OH alt lunges (single DB) (forward, in place, total reps)

Max reps until time of:
Thrusters (185/125)

Happy Belated Birthday Justyn!

Score is reps of the 2 rounds+the thrusters (everything but the buyin)

Renegade row+devil’s press is 1 pushup+1 row/arm+devil’s press


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