Workout 5.18.20

3 rounds of: 
5 stepups/leg
5 box jumps
100 flutter kicks
Hip Thrust–
5 sets on the 2:00 start. If you can’t keep moving for your allotted time, hold the top for the rest of the time
no equipment: 1:00 straight (if you can’t keep moving, hold the top)
kb/db- :50 straight (if you can’t keep moving, hold the top)
barbell-:40 straight
CrossFit Workout
16:00 AMRAP
16 stepups
16 reverse crunches
16 box jump overs/tuck jump

No weight. Everyone does this one today. 
Extra Work
10 sets of 2 on the :90 start:
High hang power snatch at 50-60% of your max snatch. Move FAST.


8 Sets of 3 on the 2:00 start of:
Weighted chin up or supinated bentover row. Get heavy! 


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