Workout 3.18.23


with a partner

20:00 AMRAP
10 hang power snatches 95/65
3/2 rope climbs
10 total dumbbell stepovers 2×35/25 to a 20/16
400m run togetherwhile partner 1 does hang power snatches, partner 2 holds a ring plank
while partner 2 does rope climbs partner 1 holds an active hang on the bar
while partner 1 does stepovers, partner 2 holds an arch holdafter the run, switch who does whatif it’s not nice enough to run outside, do 100 run ups on a plate together quarters: hang squat snatches, 115/75 and stepovers to a 24/20 in box with 2×50/35
3×8 wide grip pullups, try to reduce band from last week or add weight superset with 3×12 barbell skull crushers at the same weight as last week @3011
10:00 on anything that needs TLC


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