Workout 10.28.23

Happy birthday Marcus!
This is his version of a “CrossFit Triathlon”
55:00 cap

Leg 1:
3 rounds of
2 rope climbs
25 burpees
50 lunges, forward, alternating
500/450m row after each round

Transition task 1: lean rowers up against the red wall

Leg 2
3 rounds
5 bar muscle up or highest pull up variation you can do
10 push-ups
15 air squats
27/20 cal bike

Transition task 2: pull boxes and dumbbells into the center, move bikes to the very back

Leg 3
3 rounds
10- devil press box step overs (35/25lbs)
27- ft handstand walk/3 wall walks
89- double unders
400m run


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