Workout 7.9.21

Spend 5:00 practicing rope clamps, then

Warm your squat clean up to a heavy for the day–not a max, but something over your workout weight. 

Then hit 1 round of: 
20 double unders
1 squat clean at your heaviest weight
1 rope climb

To make sure it all feels good! 
For time with a 20:00 cap
100 double unders
10 squat cleans 95/65
5 rope climbs
80 double unders
8 squat cleans 115/75
4 rope climbs
60 double unders
6 squat cleans 135/95
3 rope climbs
40 double unders
4 squat cleans 155/105
2 rope climbs
20 double unders
2 squat cleans 185/125
1 rope climb

Rx+ Start at 135/95, and have the 4 be 205/145 and the 2 be 225/155, and first rope climb legless every time.

Or, try the full LCQ and see how it goes on the time cap! 


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