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Workout of the Day

Welcome to the start of our home-training! Please remember–we will have zoom classes at 6am, 9am, 4:30pm, and 6pm tomorrow. The links for those are in the member facebook group.

The most important thing currently is to support each other and keep the community as strong as possible. Take class. Have a normal routine. Work hard. sweat, talk smack, and have fun with your friends.

At Home Workout
No equipment version:

8 burpees
8 stepups(total). Do these on a bench, chair, or even stairs
8 pushups

DB/KB version:
8 db/kb snatches (total)
8 goblet squats
8 pushups

Pick a weight that you will do unbroken for 5 of the 8 rounds at least. A good guide will be to get the snatches done in :20-:30 and the goblet squats done in :15-:20.

Barbell version
4 power snatches
6 ohs
8 pushups

Pick a weight that you will do unbroken for 5 of the 8 rounds at least. A good guide will be to get the snatches done in :15-:20 and the overhead squats done in :15-:20.

Midline Madness/Cashout
accumulate 50 arch ups

Extra Work
Every :90 for 10 rounds, all at 60% of your lower lift
2 Power cleans+2 1 and 1/4 front squats


Do a coach’s warmup, then get right into the lift

Lift: start this at 10:00
5 Rounds of:
6 suitcase deadlifts/side
10 front foot elevated lunges/leg
12 barbell hip thrusts

Goal is smooth, perfect movement.

Then, warmup your pullups, double unders, and squats

CrossFit Workout: start this at: 35:00
16:00 EMOM
A 10 double kb front squats 2×20/12
B :30 of max reps of a pullupy thing, your choice
C max double unders
D rest

Rx+ 24/16 for the kbs

Score: reps of the DU+ pullupy thing… old school SFM scoring style
Ring rows are worth 1 point
pullups 2
c2b 3
bmu 4

The squats are just good for you 😛

Cooldown:start this at 55:00
1:00 lat roll/arm
10 t spine rotations

Coach’s Note
This is a good day to practice the pulling movement you’re worst at under fatigue. It’s also a good day to attempt double unders. The squats should be perfect, and unbroken but challenging

Midline Madness
3 max effort hanging l/n sit holds

rest 1:00 in between efforts

Extra Work
4 rounds of
1:00 Row
2:30 rest
1:00 AMRAP of 8 bfb and 16 air squats
2:30 rest”

At Home Warmup
Get a good sweat/stretch on, then:

3 rounds of
:20 wall sit
5 pogo jumps

At Home Workout
16:00 EMOM
A :30 of tempo squats, holding something in a bear hug. 3 seconds down, pause in the hole
B :30 of powell raises in a side plank (switch sides every time you come back)
C max pogo jumps
D rest or :30 plank, depending on how heavy/tired the other stuff makes you

Warmup- start this at 12:00
3 rounds
:30 banded front rack stretch/side
:20 bottom of front rack hold with an empty bar
10 good mornings

Then, warmup your hip cleans to something that feels like about 70%

Lift: Start this at 28:00
Every 2:00 for 8 rounds:
First 4 rounds: 3 hip squat cleans+1 deadlift with a 5 second descent
Last 4 rounds: 3 deadlifts with a 5 second descent. Get heavy, but they only count if it’s 5 seconds down:)

CrossFit Workout: start this at 48:00
For time with an 8:00 cap
20 hang squat cleans 135/95
25 toes to bar
30/20 cal bike

No rx+. Just sprint.

as many minutes of easy movement as you are willing to do.

Coach’s Note
Wheweeee. This one is aggressive from a time cap perspective. Use the time cap as incentive to go out hotter than you normally would. For most people, you’ll need to get to the bike with at least :90 to have a shot at finishing, so adjust the weight and toes to bar to make that happen. Someone is going to go unbroken, and finish in just under 4 minutes. Do not scale this one to the point where you can leisurely stroll through it under the time cap–it should be a push to finish.

Midline Madness
3×6-8 single arm ring rows/arm

Extra Work
Spend at least 20:00 on a bike easy or walking after this one. The class workout is going to hurt if you do it right.

At Home Workout
Get outside for 60-90 minutes, away from people, in nature.

Warmup: start this at 5:00
Do a coach’s warmup, then do all of crossover symmetry

Then grab your kbs

Upper body structural work: start this at 12:00
15:00 EMOM
A 10 pushups (1 second pause at top and bottom each rep)
B 10 chinup grip inverted rows-same pauses
C 25m kb front rack carry-get heavy, but elbows must touch ribs

CrossFit Workout: start this at 30:00
:30 on, 1:00 off for 18 rounds. Alternate between:
A Bar facing burpees–leave an empty bar on the ground for these
B Row calories
C Air Squats

Cooldown: start this at 57:00
:90 in saddle stretch

Coach’s Note
There’s a fair bit in today’s class, so make sure you hustle a little bit through transitions. If you don’t have pushups and pullups, this accesory work is going to be gold for you. Add a box or use a band on the pushups if you don’t have them. The rows, walk your feet to make them easier or harder. The workout is pure pain–1:2 work to rest ratio. Go hard, recover, and hold on as long as you can.

Midline Madness
:30-:45 soreson hold
x 4 rounds

if :45 is easy, add weight

Extra Work
Every 2:00 for 7 rounds
1 BTN Jerk+1 Jerk

stay snappy, but build as you can keep it snappy.

For time:
10 BMU
100 foot handstand walk
10 BMU


Warmup: start this at 10:00
1:00 low back side to side foam
1:00 banded single leg hinge/side

Then 7:00 of:
5 double db power cleans to workout weight
5 vups
25 foot crush carry up to workout weight

CrossFit Workout: start this at 25:00
20:00 AMRAP

Buyin: 2/1.5 mile bike, then AMRAP

9 double dumbbell power cleans 50/35
12 V-ups
150 Crush Carry 24/16

Cooldown: start this at 50:00
1:00 lat foam roll/side
1:00 banded single leg hinge stretch/side
3:00 of box breathing

Coach’s Note
This one should be steady–it’s hard to speed up a crush carry or dumbbell power cleans. Fight to stay unbroken for a long time. I think the best scores will be in the 6 round range, and I think the average will be getting into the fourth round.

Midline Madness
:45 straddle hollow rocks, :15 rest x 5 rounds

Extra Work
10:00 Run for max distance

rest 10:00/warmup muscle ups:

10 rounds, rest 1:1 of:
10/7 cal bike
3 ring muscle ups.

These should be sustainable, not all out. Scale up or down to about 30% of your max muscle ups.

At home version: 

Fill a backpack or duffel full of something heavy enough to be a workout, but not heavy enough to rip your straps. You’ll use this for the swings and carry.

3:00 of easy movement: jogging, burpees, planks, situps, lunges, etc.

Spend 5-10:00 going through a general stretch. Then:

3 rounds of 10m of each movement:

High knees
Butt kicks
Side shuffle
Down and back run

Then, do 5-10 “cleans” with your backpack If you only have hard things to fill it with, do a kettlebell swing type movement instead.

At Home Workout
20:00 AMRAP
1000m run (or 4-5 minutes of running)

In the remaining time, AMRAP
12 backpack cleans
12 vups
150m bearhug carry with your backpack.

Spend 3:00 box breathing on your back, then 3:00 stretching your hamstrings.

Warmup–start this at 12:00
10:00 of:
Warm your overload push press up. In between, practice handstand walking:
Level 1: Accumulate 30 handstand shoulder taps and 3 around the worlds in each direction
Level 2: kick into a handstand and walk with a partner holding a pvc, or into a wall
Level 3: 3×25 foot hs walk unbroken

Lift: start this at 25:00
Every 2:00 for 5 rounds
3 overload pushpress
Push press up, 5 second lower down

Then warm up your rope climbs and box jumps.

CrossFit Workout: start this at 40:00
1 rope climb
12 Shoulder to Overhead 95/65
12 box jumps

rx+ 2 rope climbs in rounds 1, 3, and 5

Cooldown: start this at 55:00
20 pvc passthroughs
1:00 of sciatic nerve flossing/side

Coach’s Note
Today’s workout should take 7-12 minutes. If you cannot do the shoulder to overhead unbroken for at least 3 rounds, then scale those. The box jumps should be steady, but it’s ok to need a little rest there. If we don’t have rope climbs, do rope rows or rope knee raises today.

Midline Madness
3×1:00 pallof hold on each side (tall kneeling)

Extra Work
1:30 on, 1:30 off for 10 rounds. You pick the machine

Warmup: start this at 10:00
Do the whole kettlebell warmup, then get right into the lift

Lift: start this at 17:00
4 Rounds of:
8 suitcase deadlifts/side
12 front foot elevated lunges/leg
15 barbell hip thrusts

Goal is smooth, perfect movement.

Then, do 1 round of:
5 dumbbell stepovers
8 russian swings
10 abmat situps

CrossFit Workout: start this at 35:00

10 Dumbbell stepovers 35/25 to a 20/16 box
15 Russian swings 24/16
20 abmat situps

rest 1:30 in between rounds.

Rx+ 24/20 inch box.

Cooldown: start this at 55:00
1:00 pec smash/side

Coach’s Note
This one should be grindy–between 2-3 minutes of work, followed by :90 of rest. I want you to be able to do the swings and situps unbroken. The stepovers should be a trudge, but not so heavy that you ever have to put the dumbbells down. If you’re going to fly through this one easily, you should up the box height.

Midline Madness
4×10 perfect rower pike ups

Extra Work
Every :90 for 10 rounds, all at 60% of your lower lift
2 Power cleans+2 1 and 1/4 front squats

All classes today will be a rowing clinic, taught by Big Jon!

We will go over rowing technique for about :40, then doing a 2k row.

CrossFit Workout: start this at 45:00
2000m row for time.

Cooldown: start this at 56:00
1:00 couch stretch/side

Coach’s Note
It is often helpful to break this into 400 or 500 meter chunks, and focus on completing each of those under a certain pace, rather than trying to go out hot and hang on. My traditional strategy has been:

1st 400–out at goal pace, while you’re feeling good
2nd 400–purposefully slow down a few seconds slower than goal pace, before it really starts to hurt
3rd 400–hold onto that :01-:02 slower pace, focusing on rowing with excellent technique, and positive self talk
4th 400– speed back up to goal pace if you’re feeling good, hold on if you’re not. This is the worst part of the row, by far. If you can win the 4th 400, you win the race.
5th 400–depending on how you’re feeling/rowing, hold out to about :45 to go, and then close your eyes and sprint. Nothing left in the tank, full effort, full victory!

Midline Madness
:20 on/:40 off x 4 rounds
Front rack hold
Goal is 110% of your max fs

Extra Work
10:00 to build to a heavy slow first pull snatch

36:00 Bike at Endurance pace
At minutes 6,12,18,24, and 30 1 Snatch @ 85% of max.

I would actually do this BEFORE the 2k if you can.

Warmup: start this at 10:00
Do the barbell warmup, then:

4 rounds of:
20 du
10 total russian twists
5 power cleans, up to workout weight

CrossFit Workout: start this at 20:00
32:00 EMOM
A 5 Power cleans 135/95
B 20 russian twists 16/12
C 40 DU
D rest

rounds 3-5 3 power cleans 155/105
rounds 5-8 1 power clean 175/115

rx+ go 155/105, 185/125, 225/155

Cooldown-start this at 55:00
1:00 sciatic nerve flossing/leg

Coach’s Note
The power cleans should never be close to your max–think 60/70/80%ish. The russian twists are total, and should be unbroken. The dubs should take less than :40. Today is a good day to practice double unders, even if you trip a lot.

Midline Madness
4x 6-8 ab rollouts use a bar with 45s on it.

Extra Work
12:00 EMOM of:
1 muscle snatch. 40-60% of your 1rm.


30:00 Bike for cals
Try to hold about 90% of a theoretical 30:00 pace


Warmup start this at 10:00
Do the pullup warmup, then:

Toe to bar skill work
Level 1: Toe to bar progression
Level 2/3: 5:00 to find 1 max set of toes to bar

Then warmup your strict press to about 75%

Lift-start this at 25:00
Strict press
1 rep every :75 for 10 rounds
Start at something that feels like around 80%, and build to something that feels heavy

last week–no misses, but ride that line. .

CrossFit Workout: start this at 40:00
15:00 AMRAP
1 round of Cindy
10/7 cal bike

Cindy is:
5 pullups
10 pushups
15 air squats

Rx+ 1 second pause at the top and bottom of every pushup.

Cooldown start this at 55:00
1:00 back of hand knee plank/side

Coach’s Note
This one will get very bad very quick if you hit the bike too hard. Take pride in your movement–I don’t care if you get a good score if your pushups and squats look like shit. If we don’t have pullups/pushups today is a good day for jumping pullups or australian rows, and box pushups, so you can get in and out of pushup position quickly.

Midline Madness
3x25m double kb front rack carry, heavy! \

Extra Work
In 10:00 build to a heavy jerk, pause in the dip and in the catch- take this from a rack

Every 2:00 for 12 rounds
:45 run

be faster than last week

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