Workout 9.28.21

E2M until failure (10 round cap)
30 DU
3 front squats 60%

Every round, add 10 DU

Once you fail–take the next round off (so 2:00 rest) and then do half the double unders for the rest of the round

For example: fail in the round of 70 double unders (round 5) take the round of 80 du (round 6) off, then do rounds 7-10 at 35 du, because the last round you successfully completed was 70. 

If you can’t do double unders–you’re doing the same number of single unders, but each round, you’re going to do burpees. Start at 4 burpees in round 1, and add 2 burpees each round. So 4 burpees+30 single unders, then 6 burpees+40 single unders, etc


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