Workout 9.25.20

Go through an empty bar clean+fs warmup, then:

7:00 of:
4 toes to bar
2 tempo fs
:30 hardish row

Up to something reasonable as a first set of 4 (probably about 50-60%)
Every 2:00 for 4 Rounds
4 Front squats with a 4 second eccentric, building

Then, at your heaviest weight

Every :90 for 2 rounds

6 reps with no tempo

Then, at 33% of your max weight
2×12 front rack reverse lunges/leg–rest 1:00 in between legs

Take this from the ground unless it will limit your weight, in which case warm up from the ground but do your working sets from the rack. 
4 Rounds, rest 1:00 in b/t rounds: 
6 Power cleans–use the chart
8 toes to bar
10/7 cal row

Rx+ 3-6 RMU (a hard unbroken set)


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