Workout 9.22.20

Go through an empty bar snatch warmup, then:

3 rounds of
:30 hang in sngrip
:30 pallof press/side
2 dumbbell jumps

Then 6:00 of
2 snatch pull+2 high hang power snatch+2 power snatch
Power Snatch
5:00 EMOM 3 reps
5:00 EMOM 2 reps
5:00 EMOM 1 rep

These can be touch and go or not 

Immediately into: 
Max unbroken SNG deadlifts with a 5 second eccentric at your heaviest weight

Go every 2:00 x 3 rounds
1-9 with a 10:00 cap
Bar over burpees
Double unders x 5

Rx+ 1-10


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