Workout 9.17.22

Pullup skill work
10:00 of Level 1: accumulate 1:00 in a chin over hold–toe spot as neccesary (any grip)Level 2: accumulate
20 perfect kip swings
20 toe spotted kipping pullups
1:00 in a chin over holdLevel 3:
1:00 chin over hold buyin, then3 rounds for time
5 strict pullups
6 kipping pullups
10 bar facing burpees
With a partner
6:00 AMRAP, 1:00 rest
150m farmer’s carry (together)Then amrap
20 pike hspu/strict hspu
10 strict hanging leg raises to hip height switch wheneverOne person works, one person does cardio of choice:score is number of rounds, start where you left off


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