Workout 8.14.20

3 sets of 3 empty barbell jump squats


10:00 EMOM
A 3 paused back squats–1 deep breath in the bottom of each rep up to 70%
B :30 hard bike
Paused Back Squat
5 sets of 5 on the 4:00 start
Start at 70% of your back squat and build as you’re able

Optional–before each set, load 125% of what you’re going to squat on the bar, and hold it in a back rack for :10. Then rest about :45 and hit your set. 
Then, 10:00 of:
15 HEAVY russian swings
30m suitcase carry same weight/side
Rest as needed in between rounds. 

If you’d like this to be more of a strength piece, do it with about :90 of rest and go heavier. 
If you’d like more of a cardio piece, then go lighter and make it an AMRAP. 


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