Workout 6.5.20

:30 handstand shoulder taps
10 hawaiian squats
:30 hollow hold
x 3 rounds

Then warm your strict press up to about 70%
Strict press
Every :90 for 10 rounds, 
1 rep, getting heavy. Start at about 70%

No equipment–hardest handstand variation you can do
kb/db–1-3 press/arm (add tempo if it’s light)
barbell–1 rep
CrossFit Wrokout
15:00 AMRAP
shoulder to overhead

No equipment–20 lunges total, 8 pike hspu
kb/db–16 total shoulder to overhead,16 lunges suitcase or farmer
barbell–12 back rack lunges, 12 shoulder to overhead (you may jerk the first one from behind the neck)
Extra Work
Below Knee Hang power snatch
10:00 EMOM
3 reps @ 65%

5 sets of
10 single leg rdl/leg
10 tempo hip thrusts–2 seconds up 2 seconds down


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