Workout 6.1.20

3 rounds
5 sotts presses with a pvc/empty bar/light kb
1 empty bar/light kb or db round of DT
10 bird dogs
Every :90 for 12 rounds
1 Paused Front Squat
Get heavy 

3 second pause or so

The lighter your weight is, the longer your pause should be

Take this from the ground, and jerk it after until you get to your dt weight. 
CrossFit Workout
5 Rounds of: 
Hang Power Clean
Push jerk

no equipment–15 hamstring curls, 12 box jumps or tuck jumps, and 9 pushups
kb/db–12/9/6 total

Rx here is 155/105

12:00 Cap. 
Extra Work
Split Jerk and row work
5 sets
2 split jerks @ 70%
Max bent over rows at same weight. (that should be pretty heavy)
rest as needed to keep the jerks extremely crisp

Every :05 1 box jump.100 rep count. 


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