Workout 5.6.20

10:00 of
:30 wrist stretch
10m or :30 overhead carry/hold
10 dip and drives with your back on a wall or rig
3 push press or easier version of gymnastics movement

At home heavy day!

Every 2:00 for 10 rounds
1 Push Press. Build to something heavy.

No equipment: The hardest bodyweight pressing movement you can do 1-3 reps of. Options:

Deficit pushup (hands on books, or feet elevated on stairs)
Strict HSPU
Strict deficit hspu
hspu negative


KB/DB– 1 rep/arm. As slow a descent as possible.

Barbell–attempting to build to something very heavy.

Core Work
10 rounds
:15 hollow hold
:15 superman hold

Extra Work-Strength Bias
Below knee hang power snatch
2 reps every :75 for 8 rounds
All at 60% of power snatch max

Every :10 until failure
3 air squats AFAP

300 air squat cap

Warning–this is going to light your legs up. If you plan on doing tomorrow’s class workout, perhaps cap yourself at 150 squats.


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