Workout 5.5.21

3 sets of: 
3 3333 OHS with an empty bar
20 hollow rocks

Then get 1 round of: 
150 run
5 ohs at workout weight
5 situps
:30 uneven farmers hold at workout weight. 
2×10:00 AMRAP
5:00 rest in between AMRAPs
start over

400m run
15 OHS 75/55
15 abmat situps
50m uneven farmer’s carry 24/20; 16/12

*if you are outside when the 10:00 end, rest 5:00 from when you end your run/carry
8:00 of
Side plank (switch sides every minute)

At the top of every minute, do 10 side laying leg lifts on the side you’re going to side plank on. 


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