Workout 5.5.20

4 rounds
5 deadlifts up to your workout weight
:10 v up hold
100m run

Skill–Strict Toe to barish

5 sets, 1:00 rest in between

No pullup bar–AMRAP-2 (so a little bit less than a max effort set) Laying toes to bar

Pullup bar–AMRAP-2 strict toes to bar or strict leg raises

CrossFit Workout
8:00 AMRAP
15 vups–may sub 15 hanging knee raises or 8 toes to bar
200m run

rest 5:00

For time: your score in the first round

No equipment: 20 Box hamstring curls

kb/db–15 RDLs

barbell–10 deadlifts

rx on the barbell would’ve been 205/135, rx+ would’ve been 275/185

So–you do your 8:00 AMRAP.

Your score is 3 rounds+12 vups. At the 13:00 mark, you do 3 rounds+12 vups for time.

Extra Work–endurance bias
50:00 at an easy pace
200m unbroken farmer’s carry
400m jog
200m unbroken front rack carry


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