Workout 5.23.20

4 rounds
3 squat clean movements up to workout weight
1 wall walk+10 shoulder taps in handstand
Sweaty Saturday
5 sets on the 6:00 start
12 laying toes to bar–don’t sub regular toes to bar, we’ve pulled 2 days in a row already
Squat Cleans
6 wall walks

4:30 cap here on each round (mandatory :90 rest)

No equipment: 10 good mornings+10 cyclist squats
DB–12 squat cleans (15 if single arm)
KB-9 russian swings and 9 goblet squats
Barbell-9 squat cleans

Rx would’ve been 115/75
Rx+ would’ve been 155/105

If you have the space to safely do it, you may sub out 50 feet of handstand walking
Extra Work
Pick 3 carries that you are not good at

Rotate through them for 50 minutes straight. 

Conversely–safely go for a hike, and load up your pack. Please remember–only fill up gas in your community, and stay safe on the trail. 


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