Workout 5.22.21

3 sets of 
3 shoulder to overhead up to workout weight–:5 hold on the last rep overhead
5 kip swings, toes to ring, toes to bar (1 movement/round)
:10 tuck lever hang
Partner Work! 

For time:
10 synchro burpees 
60 shoulder to overhead (split however) 95/65
60 abmat situps (split however)
20 synchro burpees
40 shoulder to overhead (split however) 135/95
40 toes to ring
30 synchro burpees
20 shoulder to overhead (split however) 185/125
20 toes to bar

Rx+ 135/95, 185/125, 225/155 AND ghds/toes to bar/ring muscle ups

If you’d rather do this not as a partner wod, then do 
10-20-30 burpees
30-20-10 shoulder to overhead and ab work, same weight and movements
Core Finisher
200 hollow rocks for time


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