Workout 5.21.20

4 rounds of: 
20 foot side shuffle/side
20 foot leopard crawl
10 bird dogs/side
Skill/Speed Work
4 sets of 5-10-5 drills. Go every 3:00

Set 1–easy
Set 2–60-70%
Set 3 70-80%
Set 4– 80-90%
CrossFit Workout
Helen ish
400m run
21 american kb swings
pullupy things

no equipment–hang snatch a backpack, 24 bicep curl same
kb/db–american swings, 18-24 bentover rows based off of weight
barbell-hang plate snatch, 18 barbell bentover rows

Strict pullups–8 every round
Extra Work
Run for 40:00
Every 5:00 from 5-35:00 run HARD for :05-:10


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