Workout 5.18.23

Every :90 for 5 rounds
A: 2 high hang power cleans–start around 80% of what you hit last time and build as capable
B: B: strict ring muscle up work

Level 1: 3-5 low RMU transitions, :05 pause
Level 2: 1-3 spotted strict ring to chest pullups+:05 hold at top
Level 3: 1-3 strict ring muscle ups

immediately at the end, 1×8 at 60% of what you hit today for form and ease
14:00 AMRAP
RMU or Jumping RMU
Shoulder to overhead 135/95
150 run after each round

If you finish the round of 8+ the run in the 14:00, AMRAP bike cals in the remaining time

score is number of reps (run counts as 2, starting and ending) and every bike cal gives you an extra rep)


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