Workout 5.14.20

10:00 of: 
:20 bottom of front squat hold
10 wrist rocks
:30 side plank/side
Skill Work
Free standing handstand hold

Level 1–practice kicking up

Level 2–20 scissor kicks

Level 3– kick off the wall and hold freestanding

5 sets, about 1:00 rest in between rounds

about :30-:45 of work for the practice
Carry (x10 in m)

no equipment–jump squats, suitcase carry a suitcase

kb/db–double thruster, or 45/30/15 single arm, farmer or suitcase carry

barbell–thruster, pinch grip suitcase carry (1 hand)

rx would’ve been 95/65, I would’ve said no one goes up, just go faster
Extra Work
45:00 of: 
2:00 ruck
2:00 unweighted jog

All at about 70% effort


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