Workout 2.15.22

After a good general warmup

Go through a kipping warmup

Go through toe to bar practice

Then practice dumbbell ohs

Then hit 3 rounds of: 
2 dumbbell ohs right
1 bar muscle up
2 dumbbell ohs left
2 toes to bar

Building up to workout weight and intensity
12:00 AMRAP
10 right-arm dumbbell overhead squats
5 bar muscle-ups
10 left-arm dumbbell overhead squats
15 toes-to-bars

♀ 35-lb DB ♂ 50-lb DB

note–if not doing the open, feel free to sub single arm front squats if mobility is a big issue. 
2:00 easy movement
10 pvc passthroughs
:30 calf smash/side
x 2-3 rounds


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