Workout 12.15.22

6×2 at 80+ %
Ideally squat cleans. If you can’t do that, do 2x (1+1) power clean+fs

Level 1: 5 rope pulleys
Level 2: rope pullups 2+2 (per hand on top)
Level 3: 2-4 legless rope climbs

If 4 is easy to do for 4 rounds, add weight
For time
4600/3000 lbs of squat cleans

every 3:00, 8 toes to bar

So–you could do 40 reps of 115/75
You could do 30 reps of 155/100
You could do 20 reps of 230/150


rx+ minimum weight allowed 165/115

first toes to bar is at the 3:00 mark–can anyone get it done with no toes to bars??
On your own mobility
10:00 easy bike
then 1:30 couch/side


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