Workout 12.14.21

Accessory Work
3 rounds on a 20:00 clock
3 chinups–add weight as you’re able. If unable to add weight (even 5lbs), add reps. So go 6-8 reps
5 ring dips at 2222 (band as necessary to keep unbroken) drop the band or add weight. If you’re un-banded but unable to add weight, go for more reps at these tempos.
6 chest supported rows with a 1 sec pause at the bench
5 half kneeling windmills–try to go up in weight. 
3 rounds for time
8 squats 135/95
24 pullup points
8 bar OVER burpees

Australian row: 1.5 points (16 reps)
pullups 2 points (12 reps)
chest to bar 3 points (8 reps)
bmu 4 points (6 reps)
rmu 6 points (4 reps)

rx back squats
rx+ ohs


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