Workout 1.20.21

Lift/Accessory Work
12:00 EMOM 
1 Deadlift+3 strict pullups/1 strict muscle up

Get pretty heavy on the deadlift–85-95%
For Keith

For time with a 24:00 cap:
50 pushups 
50 cal row
38 thrusters 75/55
50 kipping pullups
50 situps
38 back squats 75/55

No one goes up. Just go faster. Everyone rows 50. 

“Keith V. Hubner passed in 2018 at the age of 27. Keith worked as an RN for Valley Hospital in New Jersey. One thing he was most passionate about was the gym. He strived to be a better person and pushed it to the max every time he went. He had a rare gift of always being able to help someone, and a unique laugh that was contagious. “This side or the other”. Keith is Brian Hubner’s brother, and tomorrow will be 3 years. We love you Brian!


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