Workout 1.14.21

4 sets of 5
Strict pullups/negatives–3 second tempo on the way down every rep
Strict dips/negatives–3 second tempo on the way down every rep

Sets 1,4–normal pullup grip. Set 2 wide pullup, Set 3 Chinup

Add weight or band as able/needed while keeping the tempo

Then accumulate 
1:00 top of ring support hold
:30 bottom of ring support hold
1:00 L-hang
3 sets
10 single leg vups (total)
5 floor press
3 reps of whatever pulling movement you’re doing
5 Rounds for time
12 pullup points
12 db kb floor press 2×16/12
24 vups

Rx+ 10 strict hspu

Pulling options:
Ring row–.5 points
Kipping pullup 1 point
Chest to bar/strict 2 points
BMU 3 points
RMU 4 Points


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