Daily WOD

CrossFit Workout 7/16/19 Tuesday

2 rounds/12:00 whichever happens first
Banded ankle distraction 1:00/side
Slow eccentric calf raises x6/leg
5 Single leg RDLs/leg with no or light weight
Side shuffles up and back
Up and back farmer’s carry to get an idea of what to go for in the strength

Then, do the barbell snatch warmup

8:00 EMOM
1 snatch up to 85%

Then, Every 2:00 for 6 Total rounds
A 1 Snatch @90%+. Build if things feel perfect, but the goal is no misses.
B 50m farmer’s carry, moderate weight. Think you could hold on for another 10m or so. Do this outside.

CrossFit Workout
For time with a 12:00 cap
1000m row
50 wallballs 20/14 to 10’/9′
25 burpees over the erg

Every second over 3:30/4:00 for the 1000, add 1 burpee to the 25. (40 total burpees cap)

Ladies, you’re going to 9 feet for this workout, and rowing 1000m

Coach’s Note
This workout should be one that takes your heart rate and mashes the gas pedal. Move the rowers out so that you have space to safely do burpees over the erg. If you can’t get 1000m done in 5:00, scale the row. The wallballs should take no more than 3 sets.

10:00 on the rower for max cals.

CrossFit Workout 7/15/19 Monday

8:00 of:
Slow eccentric calf raises: x 10 each leg
10 DB strict press/arm+ 25m overhead carry/arm
Squat Press Outs: x 5 with light plate https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mINpnheDkrc

Workout Warmup
4 rounds each on the :90 start:
A 6 Box squats. Last 3 rounds moderate weight.
B 3 Shoulder to overhead up to your last weight, and 5 box jump overs

CrossFit Workout
2:00 of work, 2:00 off, for 5 Rounds
10 Box Jump overs
10 abmat situps
10/7 cal bike (a.bike and airdyne #3 are 7/5)
Max S2O with remaining time.

Start @ 95/65, and add 10 pounds every round.

28/24 for the bjo, ghds, add 20 pounds every round

Coach’s Note
This workout should give you around 10-15 shoulder to overhead in the first round. For the box squats, focus on staying back as you sit down, and control to the box. Those should be around a 5-6 out of 10 for the last 3 sets.

Olympic Capacity
4 rounds
1 squat clean and jerk @75%
10 Touch and go squat clean and jerks@30%
Rest 3:00
Single clean and jerk goes
80/85/90 TAG go 10@30%/8@40%/6@50%/4@60%

CrossFit Workout 7/13/19 Saturday

5 step and 90 rep

Workout Warmup
3 rounds
150 run
5 thrusters
5 pushups
2 Pullups/RMU warmup

CrossFit Workout
One partner runs a 400

Other partner Completes a round of:
15 Thrusters 75/55
10 hand release pushups
5 strict pullups

HSPU instead of HR
3 RMU instead of strict pullups

If you finish the 400/a round before your partner finishes their portion, you get to rest a bit.

3 rounds
1 Back Squat @95%+
10 Back Squats @ 50-60% @ 2111

2×1 Deadlift @90+%
3×5 speed dl @ 60%

25:00 easy run

CrossFit Workout 7/12/19 Friday

12:00 of
2 slow first pull snatches up to strength weight
A Round of the pullup warmup
:20 back of hand knee plank

4 Rounds on the 3:00 start
1 Snatch+ 1 Hang Snatch at 75-80%
10 Nordic Hamstring Curls

Then do one round of:
2 power snatch, 4 BFB and a set of your pullup movement.

CrossFit Workout
2:00 on, 2:00 off for 4 rounds
5 Power Snatch 95/65
10 Bar facing burpees
Max Chest to bar in remaining time

8 Power snatch, Max BMU in remaining time

Coach’s Note
This workout is going to be fast to the pullup bar. Then, it will be about managing grip fatigue and continuing to move. 2:00 off is a fairly long time, so push the pace each round. If you don’t have chest to bar, do the hardest pulling movement you can do. If you aren’t getting at least :30 on the bar in the first few rounds, drop the burpee reps.

3×1 c&j@ 80%
3×1 @85%

6 Rounds: Row 2:00, rest :45

CrossFit Workout 7/11/19 Thursday

4 rounds
1 length high knees
1 length butt kicks
1 length carioca/side

Workout Warmup
3 Rounds
10/10/10 row drills
5 double kb cleans
5 double kb front squats
150 run

CrossFit Workout
450/400m row
20 double kb squats 2×16/12
400m run
350/300m row
15 double kb squats
300m run
250/200m row
10 double kb squats
150 run

CrossFit Workout 7/10/19 Wednesday

9:00 EMOM
A 150 run
B 5 Pushups+:30 of pushup position shoulder taps
C 15 hollow rocks

Workout Warmup
3 Rounds
15 DU
10 KB swings up to workout weight
1 wall walk/hs walk practice

CrossFit Workout
Buyin: 30 Pushups

30 DU
20 abmat situps
10 american kb swings 24/16
5 wall walks

Buyout 30 pushups

60 DU, 15 GHDs, 50 foot hs walk, only sets of 5/3 count for the pushups.

Coach’s Note
The pushups shouldn’t take longer than 1.5 minutes for the first set. The sticking point for most people in this workout will be the later rounds of situps, and the wall walks. Take a few breaths in between reps of the wall walks. If you don’t have DUs, do 15 stick jumps today instead.

Olympic Technique Work
3 8:00 EMOMs, all one rep @ 60%
1st EMOM: 1 Squat Snatch
2nd EMOM: 1 Squat Clean
3rd EMOM: 1 Split Jerk

Gymnastics Capacity
Rest as needed in between rounds, but climb as far as you can
1 RMU, 2 UB RMU, 3 UB RMU, etc

Then, supersetted
5×12 False grip Ring rows
5×12 pike hspu

CrossFit Workout 7/9/19 Tuesday

10:00 of:
Rope clamp practice
10 light OHWL
5 T2B
1:00 easy row

12 total rounds on the :75 start. Every level does 12 russian twists total as C

L1 No strict pullup
A Amsap flexed arm Hang
B 10 Kip swings

L2 A few strict pullups
A 1 Strict pullup+3 negatives @23A3
B 3-6 kipping pullups

L3 Lots of strict pullups
A 3-5 Strict Pullups, as high as possible, @ 1313
B 8-12 unbroken pullups

CrossFit Workout
4 Rounds for time
25 foot left handed OHWL 16/12
10 T2B
25 foot right handed OHWL 16/12
1 rope climb

Double OHWL, same weight
legless rope climbs

Coach’s Note
This workout is going to be grindy and technical. Pick a toe to bar number that is moderate–50ish% of a max set. The OHWL should be unbroken. We may run into some rope climb waiting, if you know you need a second before you’re going to climb, please let a classmate go. The tempo for the strict pullups is one second down, 3 seconds at the bottom, 1 second up, 3 seconds at the top.

General For Quality Work
4 Rounds:
150m unbroken double kb front rack carry
1:00 unbroken bar hang (if this is easy, add a weight vest)
10 RNT assisted paused pistols/leg
rest as needed in between rounds

12 Rounds: you pick the machine :60 on, :30 off

CrossFit Workout 7/8/19 Monday

12:00 EMOM
A :40 of natural leg extensions
B: 30 DU/SU
C: 2 Cleans+2 Front squats up to your first strength weight

4 Rounds on the 2:00 start
2 cleans+5 Front Squats, last front squat, :08 hold
L1: AMSAP hold
L2: :20-:30 hold on wall
L3: 1:00 to accumulate as many seconds in a freestanding hs hold as possible

Then, do 2 rounds of:
150 run
5 Box jump overs
5 hpc at your starting weight

CrossFit Workout
12:00 AMRAP
400m run
20 box jump overs
10 Hang Power Cleans
Weight starts at 75/55, and builds by 20 pounds for girls, and 30 pounds for guys. Get as far as you can

Weight builds by 30 pounds each round for girls and 50 pounds each round for guys

Coach’s Note
I want everyone to get out the door for your 3rd 400. I think the best runners/box jumpers will make it back from their fourth 400. The weight should start very light, and then build pretty quickly. If you can’t finish the first 400+20 box jumps by 4 minutes, scale the slower section.

4 rounds
1 squat Snatch @75%
10 Touch and go squat snatches @30%

Rest 3:00
Single snatch goes 80/85/90
TAG go 10@30%/8@40%/6@50%/4@60%

Run 3:30, rest 1:00 x 4 rounds

CrossFit Workout 7/6/19 Saturday

Workout Warmup
3 rounds of :
3 stone shoulder
3 stepups/leg
5 slamball situps/GHDs
5 box jumps

CrossFit Workout
Death by (with a partner, alternate which move you do ever round)
Stone shoulder 115/95+pushups

2:00 in between each movement

Pullups+ Box Jump (1+1 in the same minute)

slamball Weighted stepups (each leg) +slamball situps 30/20

10:00 cap at each one. If you don’t finish, do half (round up) until the finish.

Rx+ 145/115, 24/20 inch box step ups, GHDs

1 Round
1 DL @90+%
20 no bounce DL @ 40-50%,

2×2 back squat @ 85+%
3×10 back squats @40-50%, AFAP

Skills Testing
Flight simulator

Rest 5:00

125% of your max set of BMU for time
2 scores: Max ub set to start, and total time

If you hit 125% on your max set, this just turns into a max ub set, score is reps.

CrossFit Workout 7/5/19 Friday

3 rounds
:30 teres minor smash/side
:40 natural leg extensions
5 hang muscle/power cleans
5 front squats

Use the warmup to get up to your first strength weight.

4 Rounds each, on the 2:00 start
A 3 Cleans+6 Front Squats, Last front Squat, :15 hold. Build across rounds.

B Handstand Work
L1: AMSAP hold
L2: :25-:35 hold on wall
L3: 1:00 to accumulate as many seconds in a freestanding hs hold as possible

Then, do 2 rounds of 3 dips and 3 cleans at workout weight

CrossFit Workout
8:00 AMRAP
10/8 cal row
5 Squat cleans 135/95
5 Ring dips

Ring dips have to be from the high rings, 185/125 cleans.
First RMU counts as a dip

Coach’s Note
You should get at least 3 rounds for this workout. The dips should be quick, but they can be broken up. The cleans should be singles. Think around 60-65% of your 1rm.

Olympic Lifting
3×1 snatch 75%
3×1 snatch 80%

You pick the machine:
10 rounds
:40 on/ :20 off