Daily WOD

CrossFit 7/29/19

1 Round:
1:00 foam roll on each quad
20 reps eccentric knee flexion https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FHtO2gJcRj8
20 scap pullups

Then, 7:00 to get up to the first weight for the strength.

4 rounds on the :90 start
A 1 clean liftoff+ 1 power clean+ 2 front squats. Start @75% of your lower max and go from there
B 6 Back Rack reverse lunges/leg @ 2011–use the same weight or a little more than what you did for the stepups last time. These shouldn’t be super heavy.
C SRMU work
L1 5-7 False Grip Ring Row MU
L2 3-5 False grip strict pullups, AHAP+3-5 strict dips–on the last dip, do a negative low ring mu ASAP
L3 2 SRMU+AMRAP strict transitions OR 1 Strict Ring pullup+1 SRMU+AMRAP strict transitions”

CrossFit Workout
3 RFT with a 12:00 cap
10 Ring dips
20 Clean and Jerks 75/55
40 air squats

RX+ 5 RMU, 50 air squats

Coach’s Note
The ring dips/RMU should be a big set if you’re going to do it unbroken. The clean and jerks should be very light. I think that continuing to move through the air squats will be where this workout is won or lost.

Olympic Work
2×3@ 68%
2×1 @83%

Not touch and go.

Gymnastics Volume
10×8 unbroken pushup

:30/:30 for 6 rounds
rest 3:00

You pick the machine.

CrossFit Workout 7/27/19 Saturday

5 step+ 90 rep

Workout Warmup
4 rounds of:
5 power cleans
3 stone shoulder
a few goblet lunges to wow

CrossFit Workout
Team of 2–split reps how you wish
200 goblet lunges 24/16
150 pullovers
100/80 row cals
50 stone shoulder 115/70
25 power cleans 155/105

100 pistols, 225/155 for the power cleans

5 Rounds for quality
:30 sciatic nerve flossing/side
RKB Swings: x 12 as heavy as capable. Swing the heaviest bell you can with proper form.
Box Hamstring Curls: x 10 Go nice and slow. You should be totally under control at all times.

Coach’s Note
Pick the heaviest weight you can go back and forth with singles if you can’t do the rx weight for the cleans. On the row, I would recommend switching based off of time, not distance.

50m yoke carry
50m double kettlebell front rack carry
50m double waiter’s carry

x4 rounds, rest as needed

Core/Grip work
10 alternating rounds, :30 on, :30 off
A bar active hang–add weight every round until something moderately hard
B GHDs, pick a number that stays consistent

5 rounds
Run 2:00 :30 off

CrossFit Workout 7/26/19 Friday

12:00 of
10 slow eccentric calf raises/side
5 squat press outs with a plate,
10 HARD banded lat pulldowns
10 alternating db snatches up to workout weight

4 rounds each on the :90 start
A Box squats x6 up to something in the 85% effort range
B Straight arm strength
L1 box assisted low ring tuck lever AMSAP– same thing as the ring tuck lever, but set a box up you can use your feet to get yourself into position/take weight off
L2 ring tuck lever AMSAP https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JxlKAuD9gkA
L3 bar tuck lever AMSAP https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BDYs4d0-dbs

CrossFit Workout
12:00 EMOM
A 15 wallballs- 20/14 to 10 feet
B 10 Pushups+6 alternating db snatches 50/35

Rx+20 wallballs, 5 strict hspu

Coach’s Note
The wallballs should be unbroken, but it should be hard. The pushups+snatches should take you less than 30 seconds. This one will get very shoulder intensive.

15:00 EMOM
A 5 Front Squats
B 10 Back Squats
C 5 bench press

FS and BS start @50% of back squat
Bench press starts @65%

Move FAST.

Kipping gymnastics
10×30% of your max set of RMU

5×50% of your max set of chest to bar

Pain Work
Row 1:00 hard, rest 5:00 by 3 rounds

CrossFit Workout 7/25/19 Thursday

12:00 of:

150 run
5 sandbag cleans
10 cal bike
:30 glute bridge

CrossFit Workout
12:00 AMRAP
20 sandbag cleans blue/pink
400m run

Rest 3:00

With no rest in b/t rounds, for total cals:
3:00 Row
3:00 Bike
2:00 Row
2:00 Bike
1:00 Row
1:00 Bike

Coach’s Note
Spend the sandbag portion of the warmup finding the most efficient method to cycle those for you. For the bike/row piece, pick paces that let you get faster as you get into the shorter time domains.

CrossFit Workout 7/24/19 Wednesday

15:00 EMOM
A :30 banded ankle distraction/side
B snatch liftoff+ power snatch+ :10 of ohs pulses up to 65%
C: 10 handstand scap pushups

3 rounds on the :90 start
A Power Snatch+5 OHS start @70% of your lower lift and build from there
B Farmer’s Carries 60m as heavy as possible while unbroken.
C Strict HSPU
L1+ 6-8 Pike HSPU @3011
L2 3 Negatives @30A1
L3 3-5 @3111

CrossFit Workout
3 RFT with a 12:00 cap
10 Hang Power Snatches
10 OHS
10 bar facing burpees
Rx+ 15 reps on the barbell movements

Coach’s Note
No one should be getting capped on this workout. Some people, who can go unbroken and still burpee fairly fast, may be in the 7-8 minute range on this one. If you can’t OHS well, set up two bars–one for the hang power snatch and an empty bar, training bar, or even PVC for the OHS.

Clean and Jerk
2×3 @65%
2×2 @75%
2×1 @80%

Every 3:00 for 4 rounds
15 UB thrusters @95/65

I care much more about these staying unbroken and “pretty” than the rest time. If 15 is a max effort set, start lower, because we’re going to build on this for the next few weeks.

Pushup endurance work
10×7 unbroken.Rest as needed to keep these fast and excellent.

5:00 amrap row calories
1:00 rest
x 3 rounds

CrossFit Workout 7/23/19 Tuesday

3 Rounds/9:00
:30 sciatic nerve flossing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tzMU5zRG71Q
10 sumo good mornings, building
10 box hamstring curls
20 du

Workout Warmup
10:00 of:
10 reps Toe to bar progression (kip swings, kipping levers, kipping knee raises, kipping knees to chest, t2b)
5 pullups
5 single arm clean and jerks

CrossFit Workout
Every 5:00 for 4 Rounds
40 DU
30 abmat situps
20 pullups/T2B
10 single db clean and jerks 45/30/arm
So rounds 1 and 3, you’re doing pullups, rounds 2 and 4, you’re doing T2B

Rx+ 60DU, C2B, 50/35 db

Coach’s Note
The point of this is to push you to do bigger sets of things than you want to. I think it’s possible to get 2+ minutes of rest every round if you’re willing to be very uncomfortable and keep moving the whole time. If you can’t finish the whole thing in 4:00, scale whatever is slowing you down.

30:00 easy bike

Gymnastics Volume
12 rope climbs for technique and completion, not time. Pick the thing you’re weakest on, and focus on that, taking as much rest as you need to keep improving on that thing.

CrossFit Workout 7/22/19 Monday

12:00 EMOM
A 1 Clean liftoff, 1 power clean, 1 front squat up to 70%
B: 10 lateral stepups, bodyweight

3 Rounds each on the :90 start
A 1 Clean Liftoff+ 2 Power Cleans+ 2 Front Squats. start @70% and build as you feel able
B 12 Front Rack Stepups Right @2111
C 12 Front Rack Stepups Left @ 2111
D Strict RMU work
L1 4-6 False Grip Ring Row MU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sGwUVzxGl4U
L2: 2-4 False grip strict pullups, + 2-4 strict dips–on the last dip, do a negative low ring mu asap
L3-1 Strict RMU+AMRAP strict transtions

CrossFit Workout
7:00 AMRAP
150 run
10 deadlifts 135/95
5 Front squats 135/95
Rx+ 155/105

Coach’s Note
This one is pretty simple–can you hang onto the barbell for all 15 reps, and then head right out the door and keep moving. You may hang squat clean the first front squat, but make sure that you actually stand all the way up to finish the last deadlift. Pick a weight that makes you work to hang onto the bar the whole time.

Snatch Work
2×3@ 65%
2×1 @80%

Rotational work and Plyo
Try to do this before class or before the snatch.
2×2 seated box jump. Build to a height that you can land with fairly straight legs
2×1 weighted box jump 2×35/25. You pick the height.

5 pallof series- 10 reps standing pallof press/side, 10 reps half kneeling, 10 reps tall kneeling= 1 series.

9 Rounds: :90 run/:60 off

CrossFit Workout 7/20/19

3 rounds:
20 du
10 scap pullups
3 toe to ring/1 RMU

CrossFit Workout
On a running clock
1 max set of strict pullups

3:00 rest

At 4:00 start
15 DU
8 Toe to Ring

At 14:00 start:
30/20 cal Bike for time

3 RMU OR 1 Strict RMU. You may mix and match
40/30 cals

Finisher, for quality
3×6 Sumo Deadlifts at around 50-60% of your DL max

Strength deload
Back squat
1×3 @ 50%
1×3 @ 60%

3×1 @50%
3×1 @60%

Focus on moving these for speed

:20 on/1:40 off on the bike for 10 rounds

CrossFit Workout 7/19/19 Friday

Every :90 for 12 rounds
A 6 Front Rack stepups/leg. Build to a moderate weight
B :30 of foam rolling on each quad
C:30 of natural leg extensions + 3 squat cleans/power clean+front squat up to 50%
D: A round of the pullup warmup

12:00 EMOM
1 squat clean or 1 power clean+front squat.

Start at about 50%, last 6 rounds should be above 75%, last 3 should be heavy.

This is not a max out, unless it feels excellent. If you miss, drop to 75% of what you missed, and finish with that

Then, do a few C2B/BMU

CrossFit Workout
For time with a 10:00 cap
Squat Cleans 135/95

Squat Cleans 185/125

Coach’s Note
This workout should be moderately heavy. Pick a weight that you’re going to do for singles, and will make you hesitate a bit before you pick it up. The point of this one is to get you to hang onto the pullup bar just a little longer than you think you can.

10 Rounds, you pick the machine: 1:00 on/1:00 off

Find a max “high landing” box jump. No deep squat.

CrossFit Workout 7/18/19 Thursday

3 Rounds of:
10 wall-strike drills+ 25 feet of banded running
5 russian twists+:10 hollow hold
10 air squats with a pause

CrossFit Workout
Every 3:00 for 9 Total rounds
A: 400m run
B: 30 Total russian twists 30/20+30 air squats
C: 30/20 cal bike+ :30 hollow hold

Coach’s Note
This is going to be a long one! If you can’t get any round done in less than 2:30, scale whatever slows you down the most.