Daily WOD

CrossFit Workout 8/8/19 Thursday

1 Warmup today:
15:00 of
200m row
50m crush carry (building)
150 run
25m suitcase carry/ side (building)

CrossFit Workout
20:00 AMRAP
50m crush carry 32/24
500m row
50m suitcase carry/hand 32/24
550 run

CrossFit Workout 8/7/19 Wednesday

10:00 of:
1 snatch+ 1 ohs up to 80%
3 box jump overs
:30 of sciatic nerve flossing/side

3 Rounds on the :90 start
A 1 Power snatch+3 OHS. Start @ 80% of your lowest weight.
B 60m farmer’s carry AHAP+ 5 single leg RDLs,/leg building to heavy
C Strict HSPU work
L1 3-5 deficit pike HSPU
L2 2 negatives+AMSAP pause 1″ off the ground on the last one
L3 3-5 at a deficit. Add height every round

Then, do a few rounds of 3 of the workout

CrossFit Workout
Climb as far as you can in 12:00
3 Shoulder to overhead 95/65
3 BJO 24/20
3 T2B



No one goes up, just go farther

Coach’s Note
Someone will get into the round of 21. Everyone should be able to make it well into the round of 15. If you can’t do at least 10 unbroken shoulder to overhead, pick a lighter weight. For the T2B, consider breaking earlier than you think you need to so that you have some juice left for the bigger sets at the end.

Clean and Jerk
2×3 @ 71%
2×2 @81%
2×1 @ 86%

21 unbroken thrusters 95/65 on the 3:00 start for 4 rounds

Grip and Core Work
100 standing empty bar forearm curls e direction
75 GHDs
100 empty barbell curls

Score is number of sets—don’t really care how long it takes, I want you to rip off big chunks.

Row 5 minutes

rest 1:00

Row 5:00, faster

CrossFit Workout 8/6/19 Tuesday

3 rounds
5 kb snatches/arm up to workout weight
1:00 row getting progressively harder
8 Sumo good mornings, building

3 Rounds on the 2:00 mark
SMU work
L1 Banded SMU transition 3-5 reps
L2 1 Negative strict RMU from the high rings+ AMSAP chest to ring hold
L3 Accumulate 3-5 strict ring muscle ups in 1:00

CrossFit Workout
10 RFT with a 30:00 cap
200/150m row
10 total kb snatches 20/12
4 burpee strict pullups

Rx+ 2 burpee ring muscle ups- you may kip these.

Coach’s Note
This one is going to be very grindy. The beginning should be easy, and then it should get progressively harder. Make sure that your hands are ready for this one. The kettlebell should be light enough to be unbroken every time.

10 Rope climbs for time

4 Rounds
4:00 easy row
4:00 easy bike

Keep your heart rate in the 60% range

CrossFit Workout 8/5/19 Monday

Happy Birthday Alex!

10:00 EMOM
A 1 rep of the complex up to 75%
B :15 handstand hold+ 1 pistol or 3 lunges/leg

3 Rounds on the 2:00 start
1 clean liftoff+1 power clean+1 front squat. Start @80% and build as you can. This one should get heavy.

Then, do a few strict hpsu and pistols

Alex’s Birthday Workout
On a 22:00 running clock

29 BJO buyin, then:
400m run
8 Strict HSPU
8 Pistols

In remaining time, find a heavy power clean.

Coach’s Note
This one is going to be tricky. Lots of stuff that you can blow up on and not be able to finish. If you can’t do pistols, do 8 open style dumbbell front rack lunges 2×50/35. Make sure that you have a weight you know you can hit loaded on the bar.

Plyo and core work
4×1 seated box jump. Build to a height you can land with fairly straight legs.
3×1 weighted box jump 2×40/30

:30 banded clamshell/side x 4 rounds

Snatch Work
2×3 @ 71%
2×2 @81%
2×1 @ 86%

12 Rounds
:45 run/ :15 off

CrossFit Workout 8/3/19 Saturday

Do a few rounds with your teammates, building to workout weight and speed.
CrossFit Workout
Teams of 3 1 person holding crush hold 24/16
10 Rounds each:
5 Thrusters 95/65
10 abmat situps
5 pushups

Switch when one person finishes a round
Rx+ ghds, hspu

No TAG Hang Muscle Snatch: x 12 as heavy as capable, this may mean empty bar
Box Hamstring Curls: x 15

Strongman saturdays!
50m yoke carry
50m double fr carry
50m double waiter’s carry

x5 rounds

Pain Work
Row :30 all out
Rest 2:30
by 6 rounds

CrossFit Workout 8/2/19 Friday

9:00 EMOM
A :20 of single leg slow eccentric calf raises/side
B: 3 box squats up to strength weight
C: 10 banded lat pulldowns

4 Rounds on the :90 start
Box squats all at heavy 6
All rounds @90% of what you hit last week

L1 box assisted low ring tuck lever AMSAP
L2 ring tuck lever AMSAP
L3 bar tuck lever AMSAP

After the lift, do the kb warmup, then do a few of each movement up to WOW

CrossFit Workout
2 Rounds for time
All with a 24/16
5 KB snatches/side
10 American Swings
15 Russian swings
20 total goblet stepovers 20″/16″
150 waiter’s carry (switch as desired)

24″/20″ for the stepups, every time you put the kb down, 150 run

Coach’s Note
Kettlebell complex! I think that someone is going to be able to go unbroken the whole way. For the stepovers, you do not have to stand all the way up. The kb is held in front of you like a goblet squat.

Powerlifting day:
15:00 EMOM
5 Front Squats
10 Back Squats
5 bench press

FS and BS @53% of back squat
Bench press @68%

Move FAST.

Gymnastics Density Work
5:00 to find a max set of RMU
rest 2:00
EMOM until failure: 40% of what you hit

Every :30 until failure: 5 UB chest to bar

7:00 Run
1:00 Rest
5:00 Run
1:00 Rest
3:00 Run
1:00 Rest
1:00 Run

Get faster as you go.

CrossFit Workout 8/1/19 Thursday

3 rounds
10/10/10 rowing drills
:10 single leg stand/side
Banded lunge stretch x :30/side

Workout Warmup
3 Rounds:
AMSAP l-sit on paralletes
1:00 row–strokes per minute go 24-25, 26-27,28-29. Try and keep the pace the same

CrossFit Workout
Buyin: :90 side plank right
Abmat situps
Row cals
Buyout: :90 side plank left

Coach’s Note
This workout should be sweaty, but not too hard. Pick row paces that let you get faster as the workout goes. If you can’t do the side planks unbroken, accumulate the :90.

CrossFit Workout 7/31/19 Wednesday

8:00 EMOM of:
A :45 of slow eccentric calf raises
B: 1 snatch liftoff+1 power snatch+:10 of ohs pulses up to 75%”

4 Rounds on the :90 start
A 1 Power Snatch+4 OHS-start at 75% of your lowest lift

B 5 Suitcase deadlifts+50m suitcase carry, AHAP https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eUjU3YBHe-Y

C Strict HSPU work
L1 6-8 pike HSPU @4011
L2 3 negatives @40A1
L3 3-5 @ 3111 with a slight deficit
After every round of HSPU, get a few box jumps in.

CrossFit Workout
:90 amrap, :90 row for 3 rounds
3 wall walks
8 Squat snatches 95/65
AMRAP burpee box jump overs 24/20 in remaining time.

in the other :90, amrap row cals. Score is cals+bbjo
Rx+ 50 foot hs walk

Coach’s Note
This workout is not going to leave you a lot of time for the bbjo. You do not have to face the box for these, they can be lateral. If you can’t do the wall walks/squat snatches unbroken, scale reps or load so that you can. As soon as the clock hits :90, get on the rower and start rowing. There is no rest in this workout.

Clean and Jerk
2×3 @68%
2×2 @78%
2×1 @83%

Every 3:00 for 4 rounds
18 UB thrusters @95/65

If you didn’t do 15 last week, add 3 to your reps from last week.

Plyo and rotational work
2×2 broad jump
2×1 depth jump

:20 single arm ring plank/side x 5 rounds, 1:00 rest in between rounds

10 rounds :90 run/:60 off

CrossFit Workout 7/30/19 Tuesday

8:00 of
Sciatic Nerve Flossing: 45 seconds each leg
Stagger Stance Good Mornings: x 5 each leg
10 kip swings
1 rope clamp+descent practice

Workout Warmup
3 Rounds
8 Sumo Good Mornings
150 run
Sled play (push/pull)
5 T2B

CrossFit Workout
20:00 EMOM
A 1 Rope climb
B :30 sled push 135/90 pounds added
C 10 T2B
D :30 sled pull 135/90 pounds added
E 150 run
rx+ 2 rope climbs, 15 t2b

Coach’s Note
This workout should be lower intensity. Pick gymnastics volume that allows you to go unbroken. If you can’t do the run in under :40, then do :40 of shuttle runs inside.

Grip work
3:00 accumulated pinch grip hold 2×25/15
Every time you drop, 20 abmat situps

Easy endurance work
5 rounds @ 60% intensity
2:00 row
2:00 bike
2:00 ski

If you have a heart rate monitor, do 60% of your max heart rate.

CrossFit 7/29/19

1 Round:
1:00 foam roll on each quad
20 reps eccentric knee flexion https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FHtO2gJcRj8
20 scap pullups

Then, 7:00 to get up to the first weight for the strength.

4 rounds on the :90 start
A 1 clean liftoff+ 1 power clean+ 2 front squats. Start @75% of your lower max and go from there
B 6 Back Rack reverse lunges/leg @ 2011–use the same weight or a little more than what you did for the stepups last time. These shouldn’t be super heavy.
C SRMU work
L1 5-7 False Grip Ring Row MU
L2 3-5 False grip strict pullups, AHAP+3-5 strict dips–on the last dip, do a negative low ring mu ASAP
L3 2 SRMU+AMRAP strict transitions OR 1 Strict Ring pullup+1 SRMU+AMRAP strict transitions”

CrossFit Workout
3 RFT with a 12:00 cap
10 Ring dips
20 Clean and Jerks 75/55
40 air squats

RX+ 5 RMU, 50 air squats

Coach’s Note
The ring dips/RMU should be a big set if you’re going to do it unbroken. The clean and jerks should be very light. I think that continuing to move through the air squats will be where this workout is won or lost.

Olympic Work
2×3@ 68%
2×1 @83%

Not touch and go.

Gymnastics Volume
10×8 unbroken pushup

:30/:30 for 6 rounds
rest 3:00

You pick the machine.