CrossFit Workout 4/19/19 Friday

Warmup: Start this at 15:00
4 rounds
5 back squats up to first set, all @ 3111
Suitcase carry up and back up to first weight.
10 russian kb swings up to workout weight.

Strength: start this at 25:00
Back Squat
8@ 70%

Suitcase carry AFAP w 40% of your max dl each hand after the first two sets.
Try and beat your score from last week!

Then do 3 rounds of:
2 front rack lunges/leg
3 ring dips

CrossFit Workout: Start this at 45:00
7 Rounds for time:
4 Front rack lunges/leg @ 75/55
5 Ring dips
6 Russian KB swings 32/24

10 rounds, and
American swings.

Coach’s Note
No part of this workout should slow you down. If you can’t do each section unbroken, drop the reps or weight. If you can’t do ring dips, do banded ring dips. I think 9 minutes is possible, and it shouldn’t take you longer than 12:00.

4×12:00 Bike
4:00 easy spin in between rounds.

CrossFit Workout 4/18/19 Thursday

Warmup: Start this at 15:00
3 rounds
5 RNT lunges/leg
:30 sorenson hold
5 hawiiaan squats/leg @ 3311

Workout Warmup: Start this at 25:00
3 Rounds:
10 arms and back only rowing strokes, 10 half strokes, 10 full strokes, focus on form
1 length up and back high knees
1 length up and back butt kicks
1 length up and back carioca/side

CrossFit Workout: Start this at 35:00
Every 2:00 for 10 rounds 10/7 cal row 150 run

Every round add 1 calorie.

If at any point you can’t complete within the two minutes, take an entire round off, then finish off with every round at half the cals of your last round. (So if you fail in round 7 as a guy, you take round 8 off, then finish the last two rounds at 9 calories+150 run)

Coach’s Note
This workout should start off easy. If you can’t finish a round in 1:15 without sprinting, you should start at lower calories (or run to the corner and back if it’s the 150). The last three rounds should have very little rest.

Round cals for coach’s reference:
1. 10/7
2. 11/8
3. 12/9
4. 13/10
5. 14/11
6. 15/12
7. 16/13
8. 17/14
9. 18/15
10. 19/16

CrossFit Workout 4/17/19 Wednesday


Warmup start this at 15:00
3 rounds
10 upright rows/arm
10 kip swings

Gymnastics Skills start this at 15:00
3 rounds
Level 1 (no pullup/no pushup)
AMRAP flexed arm hang+4-6 banded strict pullups
AMSAP bottom of a pushup hold+ 4-6 banded pushups

Level 2 (a few pullups/pushups)
4-6 box pullups, immidiately into 3 sets of 2 unbroken pullups
Max set of pushups immidiately into 3 negatives as slow as possible

Level 3 (good at pullups/pushups)
With an abmat in between your feet, 3 elevator pullup complexes:
(Kip swing, 1/4 pullup, 1/2 pullup, 3/4 pullup, pullup, chest to bar)
6-8 ring pushups @3111. If 8 is easy, put on a weight vest.

Make sure technique is the focus for these. Rest in between rounds until you feel good.

CrossFit Workout start this at 30:00
8 RFT-
6 unbroken pullups
6 unbroken pushups

10 and 10

Midline: start this at 45:00
10 Minutes for quality

Split Squat Rock Back: x 5 each leg with 3 second pause at stretch point
Alternating Dead Bug: x 10 with straight leg if capable, hold for a breath cycle at bottom
Ring Rollouts: x 5 (like abwheel roll outs but on low rings)
Alternating Lizard Stretch: x 10
Cat/Cow + Rock Back: x 10

Coach’s Note
The first 4 sets should be easily unbroken, then it should get challenging. If you can blow through 8 rounds unbroken of rx+, feel free to add a weight vest. The point of this workout is to learn how to ride the line of big sets without redlining.

100 cal row
100 cal bike
100 cal ski

E:90, including start 4 BJO

Buckle up. This one’s gonna be long. For the love of god, don’t sprint the box jump overs.

CrossFit Workout 4/16/19 Tuesday

1 Warmup Today–start this at 25:00 past
5 rounds
5 power cleans up to a little over workout weight
5 db front squats
A rowing sprint start

CrossFit Workout
For time with a 30:00 cap.
45 power cleans 95/65
45 v ups
45 DB front squats, 2×50/35
45 RDLs 95/65
45 Side plank dip ups/side
500/420m row

RX+ Do 60 reps of everything.

Coach’s Note
This should not take you 30:00. Pick a weight on the power cleans that will let you keep moving the entire time. I think 16:00 is possible, and I think you should be shooting for 20-25:00. Only do RX+ if you are confident in your ability to smash this workout as it’s prescribed, it’s a LOT of hinging volume.

3 Pos halting pulls

5×2 snatch
5×2 clean
3×10 plank row/side

4 Rounds:
Row 500m @ your 2k pace
Row 500m @ your 2k pace+1:15

CrossFit Workout 4/15/19 Monday

Warmup start this at 15:00
3 rounds:
5 kb pendlay rows @3111 up to your opening weight
5 split squats/leg @3111 up to your opening weight
20 plate jumps

Strength start this at 25:00
8 kb pendlay rows @25-30% of your dl max
6 KB Pendlay rows b/t 30-35% of your max DL
3+ KB pendlay rows b/t 35-40% of your DL

After each set (including the last round) 10 Split Squats b/t 30-35% of your back squat

Workout Warmup start this at 40:00
Then: 3 rounds:
5 renegade rows/ bar muscle up warmup
5 burpee box jump overs

CrossFit Workout Start this at 50:00
8:00 AMRAP
8 Renegade rows 35/25 (1 pushup, 2 pull)
8 burpee box jump overs 24/20


Coach’s Note
You should be able to get at least 3 rounds unbroken at the weight/movement that you pick for this workout. It will be extremely challenging to not fall off a bit, but you should be able to keep your rounds within :15 of each other. The goal is 4-6 rounds.

20 cal bike, :1:00 easy spin x 8 rounds. Keep these sustainable.

CrossFit Workout 4/13/19 Saturday

Workout Warmup
5 Rounds of
3 Deadlifts up to your highest workout wieght
1 stone to shoulder
3 db hang cleans
:20 hard bike

CrossFit Workout
2 person teams, relay style (no rest between couplets)
5 stone shoulder 110/75 (rx+ 145/95)
30/15 cal bike

5 Deadlifts 185/125 rx+ 275/185
10 v ups rx+T2B
3 Deadlifts 205/135 rx+ 315/215
10 v ups rx+ T2B
1 Deadlift 225/155 rx+ 365/255
10 vups rx+ T2B

15/12 cal row
20 db hang cleans 2×35/25rx+ 2×50/35

30/20 cal row for time.

rest 3:00, then go back down, starting with the row, and finishing with the stone/bike.

3 Pos halting pulls
5×3 each lift +3×15 plank row/side

5×1 Snatch, building to something snappy but heavy
5×1 Clean and jerk, same thing, NO MISSES

For time
6 legless rope climbs

rest 5:00

14 rope climbs

2 Rounds

Dead Bugs: x 5 each arm/leg
Mountain Climbers: x 20
Hip Airplanes: x 5 each hip
Standing Straight Leg Hold: 10 seconds each leg
You may want to do 2 warmup rounds at 65% and 75% before starting the workout at 85%.

4 Rounds
Front Rack Hold: 30 seconds @ 85% 1 rep max Front Squat

CrossFit Workout 4/12/19 Friday

Warmup: Start this at 15:00
3 sets:
5 back squats @ 3111
1 up and back suitcase carry/hand

Build to your first working set

Strength: start this at 25:00
3 Supersets:
Back Squat x 6 reps @ 65/75/80%. Last set max reps.
After the first 2 sets of back squats, suitcase carry 40% of your deadlift as far as you can on each hand.
Start with your weaker hand.

Then, warm up your gymnastics movements, box jumps and thrusters.

CrossFit Workout: start this at 45:00
For time with a 12:00 cap
8 Chest to bar
8 Thrusters 95/65
20 box jumps 24/20
12 Chest to bar
15 box jumps
16 Chest to bar
16 Thrusters
10 box jumps

25 box jumps 24/20
16 Thrusters
20 box jumps
12 RMU
20 Thrusters
15 box jumps

Coach’s Note
The thrusters should take no more than 2 sets. This workout is about forcing yourself to pace at the beginning so you can manage the larger work at the end of the set. If you can’t do chest to bar, do the hardest pulling movement that you can.

45:00 easy row. Do this on a lower damper than you normally row.

CrossFit Workout 4/11/19 Thursday

We are open for 9am tomorrow, and normal schedule after that. No 6AM! If you did not receive and email about 6am earlier today, and you’d like to get back on the list ask John.

Row/bike/run for 3-5:00
Work on mobility or stability for 3-5:00

Warmup: Start this at 15:00
3 rounds:
30 elbow plank
:30 banded pec contract and relax/side
:30 banded bully contract and relax/side

Workout Warmup-Start this at 25:00
1 round, at workout weights, of:
1 up and back crush carry
6 cal row/bike
9 russian twists
12 cal bike/row
9 russian twists
6 cal row/bike
1 up and back crush carry

Use this as an opportunity to see how all of the movements interact, and plan your pacing strategy. You don’t need to go all out.

CrossFit Workout: start this at 35:00
6 up and back crush carry 24/16

30 cal row/bike
45 russian twists 30/20
60 cal bike/row
45 russian twists 30/20
30 cal row/bike

6 up and back crush carry 24/16

Coach’s Note
The crush carries should be unbroken but a bit challenging. The russian twists don’t have to be unbroken. The point of this workout is to tax your core in different ways while adding fatigue. Stay steady on the machines. If you row for the 30 cal segments, you bike for the 60, and vice versa.

CrossFit Workout 4/10/19 Wednesday

Because of the snow, we may have to adjust the schedule tonight/tomorrow morning. Stay posted!

Row/bike/run for 3-5:00
Work on mobility or stability for 3-5:00

Warmup: Start this at 15:00
3 rounds:
10 PVC OR empty bar sotts press
15 pogo hops-FAST off the ground

Workout Warmup: Start this at 20:00
3 Rounds:
2 Power snatches+3 OHS–first OHS @3111. Work up a bit above your wow
25 DU

CrossFit Workout: Start this at 30:00
6 rounds of:
3:00 to complete:
400/350m row
30 DU
6 Power snatches 75/55
Max OHS in remaining time
rest move :90 in between rounds: row, bike, ski, or jog.

Rx+ is 95/65, and the DU only count if they’re unbroken
Score is total OHS

Coach’s Note
You should be shooting for around 6-8 reps every round. If you are a good rower, you may be able to get 10+. Scale the weight to do the snatches unbroken. The row should take between 1:20 and 1:40.

6 Bench Press @ 65%
6 @75%

4×2 high hang squat snatch 50-70%
4×2 high hang squat clean+jerk

Gymnastics volume
7 Rounds supersetted
10 unbroken pullups
10 unbroken pushups
Alternate between pvc floor presses and pvc curls for your rest, for as long as you need to recover.

CrossFit Workout 4/9/19 Tuesday

Warmup- Start this at 15:00
8:00 for quality
10 Pullovers with a partner
10 abmat situps
10 kip swings

Workout Warmup- start this at 25:00
Level 1:
4 sets of:
8-12 hanging knee raises
an easy 150 row

Level 2:
4 sets of
4-8 unbroken toe to bar
an easy 150 row

CrossFit Workout: Start this at 35:00
For time with a 15:00 cap:
Medball situps

In between each round, 150 uneven farmers carry w 20/16; 16/12

In between each round, 150 uneven farmer’s carry 28/24; 20/16

Midline: start this at 50:00
3 rounds
Supinated Deadlift Hold: 30 seconds @ 50% of DL
Alternating Push Up Shoulder Taps: x 10 w/3sp
1 Arm Overhead Hold: 30 seconds each side @ 33% of SP

Coach’s Note
This workout will stack fatigue in a big way. Manage your early sets so that you can keep going. The goal with this workout is to push the line of grip and hip flexor endurance without going over the line. Avoid getting to singles the whole time.

50 hang clean and jerks 135/95
at 3:00,6:00, etc 400/320m row

for your rest, row a 500/420 in 3:00.

15 Stone to shoulder/dball to shoulder 200/145
At 3:00, 6:00, etc 40/32 cal bike

rest bike 18/12 cal calories in 3:00

75 shoulder to overhead 95/65
@ 3:00, 6:00, etc 400/320m ski