CrossFit Workout 12/7/19 Saturday

10:00 EMOM
A 1 wall walk+ :20 wall facing hs hold
B 1 snatch pull+ 2 high hang squat snatches+1 squat snatch up to 60%

1 Snatch pull+2 High Hang Squat Snatch+1 Snatch from the ground
4 sets @60% of max squat snatch
Go on the 2:00 start

Then, 3×15 plank rows

Then spend a few minutes practicing/warming up kipping, du and ring dips

CrossFit Workout
For time
Ring dips
Toes to bar
DU x 5

Rx+ ring dips must be from the high rings

1:00 forearm smash/side
1:00 heart opener

Coach’s Note
This one should take around 12-15 minutes. If it takes you longer than 18, something is wrong. You should be able to do the gymnastics in no more than 2 sets on every rung. The DU should be mostly unbroken.

Accesory lift
8×2 @70%

Every 2:00 alternating for 12 rounds
a 15 supinated strict pullups
b 15 db romanian deadlifts
c 10 lat pulldown
d 15 russian step ups/side (light/no weight, super explosive)

5×6:00 bike
:05-:10 sprint
after the last bike, 6:00 again but no sprint

CrossFit Workout 12/6/19 Friday


5-10-5 drills

Ramp up, last one full effort

CrossFit Workou
3:00 AMRAP, 2:00 rest x 6 rounds
550/500 m row
max 10m shuttle runs in remaining time

Score is number of shuttle runs.

Accesory Work
3×10 double db hang power cleans
3×15 glute bridges
at some point, do 1 3:00 banded glute march

3:00 nasal breathing with your feet up on the wall

Coach’s Note
The goal here should be sustainability. You won’t get too many shuttle runs in, so make them count. You should get at least :45 to run.

Accumulate 60 perfect pistols

CrossFit 12/5/19 Thursday

Do all of crossover symmetry, then warm up your bench press to 50%

Bench Press
x8 @ 50%
x8 @ 55%
x15 @ 60%
Superset with 15 false grip ring rows

Then spend a few minutes practicing hspu and toes to bar

CrossFit Workout
20:00 EMOM
A 7 hspu
B 7 Toes to bar

rx+ 10 and 10

1:00 kb assisted sleeper stretch/side

Coach’s Note
This one should be a lot of volume but moderate intensity. Keep the reps unbroken for at least 14 rounds. If these are hard movements for you, take out the emom part of this and just practice.

5×5:30 bike
:05-:10 sprint

After the 5 rounds do another 5:30 without the sprint

CrossFit Workout 12/4/19 Wednesday

For quality:
30 russian twist to oh situp 15/10
30 rower pike ups
30 grasshoppers/side

CrossFit Workout
35:00 AMRAP
60 cal row
50m suitcase carry 20/12
:40 top of pushup plank

10 mckenzie pushups
10 cat/cows

Coach’s Note
This one is going to be trickier than you think it will be. Make it your goal to have your first 60 cals and last 60 cals be the same pace. If you can’t do 50m unbroken, lighten the load. Those should not be super heavy. You may switch hands as you desire on the suitcase carry.

CrossFit Workout 12/3/19 Tuesday

3 Rounds
10 banded psoas march/leg
10 ring rollouts
5 back squats @ 3311 up to 50%

Back Squat

Go get it. 🙂

Then spend a few minutes warming up the movements in the workout

CrossFit workout
10:00 AMRAP
1 Round of dumbbell dt 2×30/20
1 round of strict cindy

DB DT- 12 DB deadlifts, 9 db hang power cleans, 6 db push jerk
Strict Cindy- 5 strict pullups, 10 pushups, 15 air squats

rx+ 2×45/30

1:00 pec smash/side
1:00 heart opener

Coach’s Note
This one is going to be grippy. Pick weights on the dumbbells that you could go unbroken for at least 3 rounds if you wanted to. If you don’t have strict pullups yet, do Australian rows. Sub knee pushups for the pushups, so you can keep moving.

Extra Work
1 Clean pull+2 High Hang Squat Clean+1 Squat Clean and Jerk from the ground
4 sets on the 2:00 start @60% of max squat clean

15×6 unbroken sets of chest to bar
make these perfect

1×40 unbroken kipping swings on the bar

CrossFit Workout 12/2/19 Monday

Strength Accesory
3 rounds
15/ kb front rack split squats/leg
10 natural leg extensions
15 back extensions

Workout Warmup
5 rounds
2 back rack lunges up to 135/95
10/10/10 rowing drills

CrossFit Workout
8 alternating back rack lunges 135/95
16 box jump overs 24″/20″

Rx+ 28/24″

1:00 couch stretch/side

Coach’s Note
The lunges should be heavy enough that 8 feels grindy to do unbroken, but not heavy enough that you’re ever in risk of failing a lunge. If you can’t do lunges, do stepups to your box with dumbbells/kbs in your hand. I think the fastest people will go around 6-7:00 on this one, with most of us going in that 9-10:00 range.

:45 amrap, :45 rest x 15 rounds

5 Power snatches 95/65
AMRAP BFB in remaining time

Aim for sustainable burpees. This will be a lot, so that number may be lower than you think it is.

CrossFit 11/30/19 Saturday

15:00 to

Warm your clean and jerk up to 80% of your max lift

Practice your pulling movement of choice

Do a few lunges

CrossFit Workout
32:00 EMOM
A 5 clean and jerks
B Your choice of pulling
C 10 bar facing burpees+10 dumbbell lunges 50/35 (total) (:45 cap)
D :15-:30 ring pushup plank

After 3 rounds, drop to 3 clean and jerks. After 6 rounds, drop to 1.

Score is total weight successfully lifted

Pulling options*
1 max unbroken strict pullups
2 1-3 strict ring muscle ups
3 1-2 rope climbs
4 10-15 bent over rows 2×50/35

1:00 forearm smash/side

Coach’s Note
Get heavy on that clean and jerk! For the pulling options, pick the one that you’re worst at that you can actually do, and get better. The burpee lunge combo is going to be a push to finish. Then the ring plank you’ll have to learn how to recover while you’re holding. If you break on the plank, you’re done for the minute.

1:00 Row
:30 rest
x 12 rounds

Do these at your goal 3k pace.

T2B Volume
10 rounds
9 unbroken toes to bar

CrossFit 11/29/19 Friday

Normal schedule today!

Do all of crossover symmetry, then:
:60 unbroken side plank/side
Spend 10:00 warming up your snatch and practicing technique

Snatch Every 2:00
1 Snatch pull+2 High Hang Squat Snatch+1 Snatch from the ground
6 sets @75% of max squat snatch

Then 3 rounds supersetted of:
15-25 unbroken perfect pushups
12 strict chinups or negatives. IF you can do them unbroken, add weight
12 dumbbell romanian deadlifts @ 3111

CrossFit Workout
6:00 AMRAP
10 hang squat snatches 115/75
100 double unders
max strict hspu in remaining time

No rx+ today. Get after it and get 40+ strict HSPU in the remaining time.

1:00 pec smash
1:00 tricep smash
1:00 heart opener

Coach’s Note
Everyone should get at least 2:00 to do HSPU. If you can do the rx weight today, it’s a good day to do it, even if it’s a bit heavy and takes you a little longer. If you can’t do double unders, do 10 burpees + 100 single unders. On the HSPU, do pike hspu if you don’t have strict. If you have kipping, but no strict, do kipping with a 3 second eccentric on the way down every rep.

Accesory Lift
OHS 8×2 @65%

Then 3×12 russian stepups/leg

5:00 easy bike
:05-:10 sprint
5 rounds
5:00 to finish

CrossFit Workout 11/28/19 Thursday

Happy Thanksgiving! 1 class at 9am today, open gym from 10-11. Feel free to bring a friend or family member in, no drop-in fee today.

Earn Your Turkey Workout
3 rounds, 1:00 at each station, fgb style, :20 transition in between rounds
A Row/Bike/Ski cals
B American kb swings 24/16
C abmat situps/ghds
D plate hops 45 pounds
E off

CrossFit Workout 11/27/19 Wednesday

Do all of crossover symmetry, then:

5 rounds
3 bench press @ 3111 up to 55%
5 reps of the toe to bar progression

Toe to bar progression is:
1 Kip swings
2 Kipping Levers
3 Kipping Knee raises
4 Kipping leg raises
5 Kipping toe to bar

Bench Press
x5@ 57.5,62.5,67.5
Superset with 12 false grip ring rows (so 6×12)

then 3 sets of:
12 kb front rack split squats/leg @ 3111
12 back extensions @ 3111

CrossFit Workout
12 wallballs 20/14 to 10 feet
12 toes to bar
15/12 cal row

rx+ is 15 of everything, 18/15 on the cals

3:00 nasal breathing with your legs on the wall

Coach’s Note
If you can keep the wallballs and toes to bar unbroken, this one will take about 10:00, maybe a bit quicker if you’re good on the rower/transitions. It should not take longer than 15 minutes. Pick a wallball weight where unbroken reps is doable. The toes to bar should be no more than 3 sets each round. If you can’t do toes to bar, do kipping knee raises. The row should be around a minute each time.

Olympic Work
Do this with Jodi if you can.

1 Clean pull+2 High Hang Squat Clean+1 squat clean and jerk from the ground
6 sets @75% of max squat clean and jerk

3×12 db front squats for perfect form

5:45 easy bike
:05-:10 sprint
4 rounds
5:45 to finish