Workout of the Day

CrossFit Workout 8/21/19

Do the barbell warmup, then:
10:00 EMOM
A 2 Cleans up to 80%
B :15 flexed arm hang

5 rounds on the 3:00 Start
2 Cleans, not touch and go between 80-85%
10 banded strict chest to bar pullups–pick a band you can do all 10 unbroken.

If you can do 10 unbroken strict chest to bar without a band for all 5 sets, you may do them bandless

CrossFit Workout
For time with a 10:00 cap
Chest to bar
Thrusters 95/65


Coach’s Note
This workout should be fast and intense. If you need to scale down to pullups, drop the weight on the thrusters, or do 12-9-6 instead, do it. Don’t try to pace this one too much, just go. I think that sub 5:00 is possible.

HSPU work
20:00 EMOM
:30 cap for the first 15 minutes
0-5 min 5 strict hspu
5-10 min 10 kipping hspu
10-15 min 25 foot unbroken hs walk
15-20 :10 bottom of hspu hold, :10 top of hs hold

BMU Big set work
Every 2:00 for 3 rounds
10 ub bmu

I care about the large sets more than the rest. If you need more rest, do it.

Pain Work
Try to make this the last thing you do.
5 Rounds on the 6:00 start

Row 1:00 or 400m. Whichever comes first

CrossFit Workout 8/20/19 Tuesday

8:00 of
10/10/10 rowing drills
:30 of piriformis rolling
:30 of sciatic nerve flossing/leg

Workout Warmup
3 Rounds
50 foot sled push, building (1:00 cap)
:30 hollow hold
:30 arch hold
20 DU or DU practice. Do 5 singles+1 DU for 5 rounds.

CrossFit Workout
:90 on, 1:00 off for 8 rounds
30 DU
18/13 cal row
Max vups in remaining time

40 DU, GHDs

Coach’s Note
If you have never done GHDs before, only do the first 3 rounds with GHDs and cap yourself at 10 per round. If you don’t have DU, do 25 stick jumps instead. This workout should be hard to get to the vups/GHDs. Move rowers so that you have very little transition time.

Rotational work/Plyo
2×2 seated box jump. Build to a height that you can land with fairly straight legs
2×1 weighted box jump 2×40/30

5 “pallof series”

Core/Grip work
20 rounds, :30 on, :30 off
A bar active hang–add weight every round
B abmat situps, pick a number that stays consistent
C forearm curls (both directions)
D pinch grip hold 2×45 steel/25
E bicep curls, 2 dumbbells

9:00 Row
9:00 Bike
9:00 Ski
9:00 Row

All at about 70% effort.

CrossFit Workout 8/19/19

10:00 of
:10-:15 top of dip support
:10-:15 bottom of dip support
2 snatches up to 80%
BMU or jumping bmu practice

5 Rounds on the 3:00 start
2 snatches, not touch and go between 85-90%
10 unbroken banded strict dips. If you can do unbroken without, you may forgo the band. Unbroken meaning no slowdown on the way up or needing to stop and load at the top.

CrossFit Workout
Open 16.3
7:00 AMRAP
10 Power snatches 75/55

Scaled version
10 snatches 65/45 (barbell starts clearly below knee)
5 jumping chest to bar

Masters version (55+)
10 Power Snatches 65/45
5 Chest to bar

Coach’s Note
Woo! Open season approaches. Every week, we will be doing an open repeat. For these, try to stick to a specific version (Rx, scaled, etc) instead of mixing and matching. If you are a 55+ masters athlete, do that version! Get a feel for how to pace these types of workouts. As you can see with the bar muscle ups, we will also be practicing skills in the warmup. For this one, it’s grippy and fast. Be smooooth on the first few rounds, but don’t go slow. Take advantage of feeling fresh when you can.

Open Repeat Monday
Every Monday morning, the extra non-conditioning work will be an open retest. If you’ve done it before, check your old score before starting. If you haven’t, strap up and get after it. I’ll be putting BTWB percentiles up.

AMRAP in 8 minutes
3 Handstand Push-Ups
3 Cleans (185/125 lb)
6 Handstand Push-Ups
3 Cleans (185/125 lb)
9 Handstand Push-Ups
3 Cleans (185/125 lb)
12 Handstand Push-Ups
6 Cleans (185/125 lb)
15 Handstand Push-Ups
6 Cleans (185/125 lb)
18 Handstand Push-Ups
6 Cleans (185/125 lb)
21 Handstand Push-Ups
9 Cleans (185/125 lb)
Etc., following same pattern until time is up

50th: 53 reps (8 hspu into the round of 15)
75th percentile: 74 reps (8 reps into the round of 18)
90th percentile: 95 reps (5 reps into 21)

Top FRCF scores in 2015:
Carol: 130 (10 HSPU into 24)
Erik: 112 (1 clean into the first round of 9)

6 Rounds:
Row 800/750m
Rest :75

CrossFit Workout

CrossFit Workout
“The Big Chipper”
Teams of 2 (alternate reps for all non-synchro movements)
50 stone shoulder 95/75
50 Box jump overs 28/24
50 Synchro (NOT partner) deadlifts 155/105
50 Synchro Medball situps
20 burpee broad jumps 7’/6′
30 synchro medball situps
30 synchro deadlifts
30 box jump overs
30 stone shoulder

36/32 box jump overs, 185/125 deadlifts

Row :20 on 1:40 off for 8 rounds

CrossFit Workout 8/16/19 Friday

3 rounds
5 empty bar snatch grip sotts press
150 run
2 rope pullups/arm

then warmup your snatch to 60%

3 broad jumps, as far as possible, then:

8:00 EMOM
1 Squat snatch @60%

Keep these light and snappy

CrossFit Workout
“First Cut”
4 Rounds for time with a 20:00 cap
400m run
4 Rope raises 24/16
7 squat snatches 115/75

2 legless rope climbs, 155/105

Coach’s Note
These snatches should be moderate. Touch and go should be hard/not possible, but you shouldn’t be missing. For the rope raises, pick a weight that’s hard enough you have to work for it.

10:00 row for cals

CrossFit Workout 8/15/19 Thursday

1 warmup:
3 rounds
:15 single leg glute bridge/side
up and back banded shuffle (face the same direction)
150 run
15 du

CrossFit Workout
“Triple Trouble”
3 Rounds for time with a 30:00 cap
500m row
50 DU
800m run

CrossFit Workout 8/14/19 Wednesday

3 rounds
2 snatches+ 2 cleans up to 60%
Pullup warmup up to pullups
:30 hollow hold

12:00 EMOM
Min 1-6
1 Power Snatch @60%
Min 7-12
1 Power Clean @ jerk @60%

Keep these light and snappy.

CrossFit Workout
“The Standard”
For time
30 clean and jerks 95/65
30 Pullups
30 Dips
30 Snatches

15 RMU

Coach’s Note
If your snatch for the EMOM is less than the workout weight, scale the workout weight. If we don’t have pullups or dips, do banded versions.

10 rounds :90 run :90 off

CrossFit Workout 8/13/19 Tuesday

10:00 @ a steady (below workout) pace
400m run
30 vups
20 burpees to ring
Accumulate up to 20 strict toe to ring (or leg raises) in remaining time

Workout Warmup
3 rounds:
5 OHS @ 3111 up to workout weight
5 kipping toe to ring
150 run, fastish

CrossFit Workout
“The Ringers Remixed”
At 0 start (with a 9:00 cap)
300m run
30 Toe to Ring
200m run
20 toe to ring
150m run
10 toe to ring

at 12:00 start
Burpee to ring
OHS 95/65


Coach’s Note
If you can’t run, use a bike today. These toe to ring numbers may be large for some of you. Stick to numbers you can do in 1-2 sets each round. For the OHS, it should be unbroken, but challenging.

At about 70% effort
7:00 row
7:00 bike
7:00 run
7:00 ski
7:00 row

CrossFit Workout 8/12/19

We will be doing versions of some of the games workouts this week! Have fun with this, scale enough that you get a good workout in, and get a taste of what the games athletes went through! With the uptick in intensity/volume of the workouts, we’ll be taking a bit of a deload on the lifting. Don’t get heavier than assigned percentages, we start a build to test week next week.

10:00 of:
Double kb clean practice
10/10/10 rowing drills
:30 passive hang

Workout Warmup
3 Rounds:
200m row
5 double kb push press
1 wall walk/ 10 feet of hs walking

CrossFit Workout
“Second Cut”
For time with a 14:00 cap
800m row
66 Double kb push press 12/8
8 wall walks

Rx+ 16/12
120 feet of hs walking

Coach’s Note
The kettlebells should be light. This workout is all about pushing the pace enough early that you don’t fall off, but keeping something in the tank for the wall walks/hs walking. The number should be aggressive. Think 2+ breaks for the wall walks.

3:00 Row
1:00 off
4 rounds

CrossFit Workout 8/10/19 Saturday

Do the 5 step and 90 rep
3 Rounds
5 lunges/leg
5 pendlay rows or bmu warmup
5 pushups or hspu
20 du

CrossFit Workout
For time:
150 DU
100 alternating back rack lunges 95/65
75 abmat situps
50 pushups
25 Pendlay rows 145/95

hspu, and BMU

Coach’s Note
Those lunges are going to be spicy. You may step any direction, but you must alternate legs every step. For the DU, if you can’t do DU, do 300 SU instead. The pendlay rows should be heavy. If you can rep out more than 5, add weight.

5 RFT 5 RMU 15 C2B

Strong Man Work
5 Rounds, 25m each
Yoke Carry
Double KB front rack carry
Double waiter’s carry

Pain Work
“:45 on
3:30 off
4 rounds

Go get it.