Workout of the Day

Do the kb warmup, then do 3 rounds of:
10/10/10 rowing drills
20 banded external rotations (use the iron scap bands)
5 burpees over the erg

Workout Warmup
4 rounds
8 american swings up to workout weight
:30 hollow hold
250/200m row building to something fast
rest at least 1:00 in between warmup rounds

CrossFit Workout
3 rounds, rest 3:00 in between each round
250/200m row
15 american kb swings 32/24
10 burpees over the erg

Coach’s Note
Sprint, rest, sprint again! The swings should be heavy, but unbroken. The row and burpees should be hauling. If there’s some time left over, get a good cooldown and stretch in.

CrossFit Workout 10/16/19 Wednesday

10:00 of:
10 goblet squat pulses
5 box jump overs
1 hanging l or n-sit
3 push jerks up to 50%

12:00 EMOM
A 3 Push Jerks, building from 50% Take these from the rack. Keep them touch and go.
B :20 of toe to bar. Alternate with RMU if you can

CrossFit Workout
2:00 AMRAP, 2:00 off x 4 rounds
10 T2B
10 Wallballs 20/14 to 10/9
10 box jump overs

rx+ replace the 1st and 3rd rounds with 4 RMU

Coach’s Note
Everyone should be finishing one round comfortably. If the number of toes to bar makes that hard, then scale the reps. For the wallballs and box jump overs, it’s only 10 reps. Get them done even if they suck.

35:00 fasted row

then spend 15:00 doing mobility

CrossFit Workout 10/15/19 Tuesday

4 Rounds:
3 OHS+3 front squats up to 60% of your front squat
4-6 kipping chest to bar
10 ring rows with a 2 second descent and a 1 second pause at the chest
:30 of natural leg extensions, slow and controlled

8 rounds on the :90 start
3 front squats @60%
Emphasis is on SPEED on the way up

Then do a few more OHS and C2B

CrossFit Workout
OHS 95/65
Chest to bar

Nobody goes up. Just go fast.

Coach’s Note
I want this to be an uncomfortably fast workout. If you’re going unbroken, 2:00 is possible. No one should be above 5:00, so scale to make that happen. Don’t be afraid to adjust reps on the chest to bar if you need to. The front squats should be light. Control the descent but then drive the heck out of the bar on the way up.

4 rounds
Bike 6:00 at a 70% effort
Sprint for :05-:10 (until the first moment RPMs start to drop, :10 cap)
Never let your RPMs drop below your lowest RPMs in the first 6:00

After your last round, do another 6:00 but don’t sprint at the end.

Barbell Endurance
4 sets
15 unbroken thrusters 95/65
rest 1:00

Do this at the end of the session you do it in.

CrossFit Workout 10/14/19 Monday

10:00 EMOM
A 2 Deadlifts with a 3 second descent up to strength weight
B :20 side plank/side

5 rounds on a 20:00 running clock
5 deadlifts. Take 85% of what you hit as your top set last week and stay there
6-10 unbroken hspu, strict if you can
10 banded hamstring curls

CrossFit Workout
10 deadlifts 185/125
13/10 cal row
30 DU

rx+ 225/155

Coach’s Note
This workout should be all about transitions. If anything is not an easy unbroken set for you, drop the reps or weight down. Stay smooth in the early rounds and try to finish with a kick on the rower. If you can’t finish the row in under 1:00, drop the number of cals.

6 Rounds
80/60 cal row
rest 2:00

Handstand Walk Endurance
Accumulate 250 feet of hs walking AFAP.

CrossFit Workout 10/12/19

Do 3 rounds of:
5 back squats up to workout weight
5 double kb cleans
A round of the pullup warmup

CrossFit Workout
With a partner
One person holds 2 kettlebells in the front rack 2×16/12 while the other person works

Back Squats 135/95
Abmat situps

14/10/6 muscle ups instead of pullups

Lift (in class)
On an 18:00 running clock:
3 giant sets, :90 rest in between sets
10 Total Back rack reverse lunges, building
10 chest supported dumbbell rows
20 banded external rotations

Every 2:00 for 12 rounds, alternating
A Row 18/13 cals
B 20/13 cal assault bike

CrossFit Workout 10/11/19 Friday

Don’t forget! FNL tomorrow 4:00-we finish. Everyone wear all black!

3:00 easy movement
Bootcamp wiggle

3 rounds
10 pvc pass throughs
:30 banded front rack stretch/side

barbell warmup

6 rounds
1-3 G2O up to something heavier than workout weight (at least 135/95 for Rx)
:30 of biking, hardish

5 rounds
3 G2O at workout weight
5 bar facing burpees
rest 1:00

Get faster every round

then hit it hard, have fun, and stick around to cheer for your friends and have a drink!

CrossFit Workout

10 rounds for time of:
8 ground-to-overheads
10 bar-facing burpees
♀ 65 lb. ♂ 95 lb.
Time cap: 15 minutes
Rx’d (Rx’d Ages 16-54)
♀ 65 lb.
♂ 95 lb.
Scaled (Scaled Ages 16-54)
♀ 45 lb., may step over bar on burpees
♂ 65 lb., may step over bar on burpees

Masters 55+
♀ 45 lb.
♂ 65 lb.
Scaled Masters 55+
♀ 35 lb., may step over bar on burpees
♂ 45 lb., may step over bar on burpees

Coach’s Note
This workout is going to be a burner! You should clean and jerk if you can’t power snatch 185/135. Staying smooth at the beginning is imperative. The best in the world are coming in around 10:00, so ripping off a :45 round to start is not the right move.

CrossFit Workout 10/10/19 Thursday

For those of you that have met Ryan, it’s his last day today. He’s headed back to Boston to embark on a new career as a lawyer. As a thank you for being such a great member, here’s Ryan’s going away workout!

1 warmup today
3 rounds
10 russian kb swings 24/16
10 pushups
10 hollow rocks

then, do the barbell warmup and spend until 25 minutes left in class warming up your power clean to something very heavy for you.

CrossFit Workout
5:00 AMRAP, 3:00 rest
40/32 cal row buyin
then AMRAP in remaining time
5 power cleans 135/95
10 pushups
15 abmat situps

30/24 cal row
then AMRAP
5 Power cleans 185/125
10 pushups
15 abmat situps

20/16 cal row
then AMRAP
5 Power cleans 225/155
10 pushups
15 abmat situps

Coach’s Note
This is a heavy workout! If you cannot do RX weight, go about 60/75/90% of your 1rm power clean. The last weight should be the heaviest weight you can clean with good form under fatigue. If you really care about the open workout on Friday, do the buyin row and one round of the AMRAP at a hard pace, then get back on the rower for the remainder of the 5:00 and just move easy.

Spend 5:00 practicing DU, then

4 rounds
:30 side plank clamshell/side
3 Squat snatches up to workout weight
10 bentover lateral raises, slow and controlled

If you’re doing RMU, add in a few swings/warmup muscle ups as well.

Alternating every 2:00 for 8 rounds
A 1 Squat snatch+4 power snatches building
Level 1: 8 banded RMU transitions
Level 2: 10 ring to hip swings+ 1 RMU attempt
level 3: 3-6 unbroken ring muscle ups (steady)

CrossFit Workout
15:00 EMOM
A 6 squat Snatches 95/65+6 C2B
B 50 DU
C 5 unbroken devil’s presses building

8+8 Snatch+c2b

Afternoon classes, Jeremy will be doing a DU clinic in place of the warmup. If you’re doing those classes, the beginning of classes will look like this:
15:00 of double under practice with Jeremy

If you’re very good at DU already, get some RMU practice in:
warmup, then hit:
Every 2:00 for 4 rounds

Level 1: 8 banded RMU transitions
Level 2: 10 ring to hip swings+ 1 RMU attempt
level 3: 3-6 unbroken ring muscle ups (steady

Every 2:00 for 5 rounds starting from your first warmup weight
1 Squat snatch+4 power snatches, building.

Coach’s Note
This shouldn’t be that challenging. Think :45, :30, :20 for the amount of work respectively. Let’s hold off on crazy hard stuff headed into Friday! Scale to make this about a 7 out of 10 difficulty.

30:00 fasted row @70% effort

30 split squat rockbacks/leg
30 pvc passthroughs
30 frog rocks
30 banded pullaparts

Power Clean and Jerk Single Practice
Every :08 for 5 reps: 1 single at 50%
rest as needed
Every :10 for 4 reps: 1 single at 60%
rest as needed
Every :12 for 3 reps: 1 single at 70%
rest as needed
Every :15 for 2 reps: 1 single at 80%
rest as needed
1 single @90%


CrossFit Workout 10/8/19 Tuesday

10:00 of
5 deadlifts up to strength workout weight
:20 headstand, freestanding if you can
partner assisted hs walking

5×5 Deadlifts, all at around 70-80%
After each round:
1 max set of HSPU, strict if you can
8 GHD side bends/side

CrossFit Workout
For time with a 5:00 cap.
21 Deadlifts 225/155
15 Bar facing burpees
90′ hs walk

no rx+, just go fast

Coach’s Note
Sprint! This one should be FAST. If you can’t do the deadlifts unbroken (hard effort, but unbroken) drop the weight. If you can’t handstand walk, pick a number of wall walks that is at the edge of your comfort zone. Someone will go sub 2:00 in this one.

4 rounds
Bike 5:45 at a 70% effort
Sprint for :05-:10 (until the first moment RPMs start to drop, :10 cap)
Never let your RPMs drop below your lowest RPMs in the first 5:45

After your last round, do another 5:45 but don’t sprint at the end.

CrossFit Workout 10/7/19 Monday

12:00 EMOM
A 3 Front squats+ :10 front squat hold up to lift weight
B :30 weighted plank
C A round of the pullup warmup

4 Rounds on a 15:00 Running clock
6 Front Squats between 70-80% of 1RM
:40 of max BMU
10 feet elevated ring rows with a 2 second descent, and a 1 second pause at the chest, add weight if you can

CrossFit Workout
4:00 AMRAP
30/24 cal row
15 T2B
Max wallballs 20/14 to 10/9 feet in remaining time

rest 1:00

3:00 AMRAP
20/15 cal row
12 T2B
Max wallballs in remaining time

rest 1:00

2:00 AMRAP
10/7 cal row
9 T2B
Max wallballs in remaining time

rest 1:00

1:00 AMRAP
6 T2B
Max wallballs in remaining time

Rx+ goes 18/15/12/9 for the t2b

Coach’s Note
Your score is wallballs. The goal is to row at a sustainable pace, push the unbrokenness of the toe to bar, and then do wallballs pretty constantly until the clock is up. You should get at least :45 of wallballs every round.

6 Rounds
Row 60/45 cals
rest 2:00″
“Open testing: do this right after the rowing so you’re tired

Open Timing
10 bar facing burpees, stepped up, stepped down
10 thrusters, pretty slow

rest :90

10 bar facing burpees, jumped one direction, stepped the other
10 thrusters, moderate pace

rest :90

10 bar facing burpees, bounced
10 thrusters AFAP

record your times for each piece and your perceived level of exertion

*i want some fatigue on this, so adust the rest so you feel about 80% recovered each round. “