CrossFit Workout 8/8/19 Thursday

1 Warmup today:
15:00 of
200m row
50m crush carry (building)
150 run
25m suitcase carry/ side (building)

CrossFit Workout
20:00 AMRAP
50m crush carry 32/24
500m row
50m suitcase carry/hand 32/24
550 run

CrossFit Workout 7/11/19 Thursday

4 rounds
1 length high knees
1 length butt kicks
1 length carioca/side

Workout Warmup
3 Rounds
10/10/10 row drills
5 double kb cleans
5 double kb front squats
150 run

CrossFit Workout
450/400m row
20 double kb squats 2×16/12
400m run
350/300m row
15 double kb squats
300m run
250/200m row
10 double kb squats
150 run

CrossFit Workout 7/6/19 Saturday

Workout Warmup
3 rounds of :
3 stone shoulder
3 stepups/leg
5 slamball situps/GHDs
5 box jumps

CrossFit Workout
Death by (with a partner, alternate which move you do ever round)
Stone shoulder 115/95+pushups

2:00 in between each movement

Pullups+ Box Jump (1+1 in the same minute)

slamball Weighted stepups (each leg) +slamball situps 30/20

10:00 cap at each one. If you don’t finish, do half (round up) until the finish.

Rx+ 145/115, 24/20 inch box step ups, GHDs

1 Round
1 DL @90+%
20 no bounce DL @ 40-50%,

2×2 back squat @ 85+%
3×10 back squats @40-50%, AFAP

Skills Testing
Flight simulator

Rest 5:00

125% of your max set of BMU for time
2 scores: Max ub set to start, and total time

If you hit 125% on your max set, this just turns into a max ub set, score is reps.

CrossFit Workout 6/29/19 Saturday

5 step+90 rep, then
3 rounds of
10 wallballs
20 DU

Workout Warmup
3 Rounds on the 3:00 start
5 Power cleans+OHS up to workout weight
1 wall walk/hs walk

CrossFit Workout
Teams of 3
300/240 cal bike and:

30:00 to complete 2 RFT
100 wallballs 20/14
80 Power cleans 115/75
60 OHS
400 DU
20 wall walks

30/20 wallballs
135/95 barbell
100′ of handstand walking

Get outside and move for 90+ minutes consecutively

2 Rounds
1 back squat @90+%
20 back squats@ 40-50%, @ 2011
rest as needed in between rounds

3 rounds
10 deadlifts for speed @ 50%
rest at least 3:00 between rounds
1×3 hand release deadlifts, above 85% of 1rm, off of feel as you’re warming up.

CrossFit Workout 6/28/19 Friday

9:00 EMOM
A:2 up and back side shuffles
B :30 passive hang
C: 5 Thrusters up to above workout weight

Every :90 for 9 total rounds
L1- Have no strict pullups
A AMSAP Flexed Arm hang
B 10 kip swings
C Landmine russian twists x12 total

L2 Have 1-5 strict pullups
A 1 strict pullup+3 negatives @ 30A2
B 2-4 kipping pullups
C Landmine russian Twists x12 total

L3 5+ strict pullups
A 3-5 Strict Pullups, as high as possible, @ 3011
B 6-10 unbroken kipping pullups
C Landmine russian twists x12 total

CrossFit Workout
4:00 AMRAP, 3:00 off for all rounds

400m run,
then amrap:
12 Pullups
12 Thrusters 95/65

400m run, then amrap
9 pullups
9 Thrusters 95/65
rest 3:00

400m run, then AMRAP
6 pullups
6 Thrusters 95/65

Rx+ C2B

Coach’s Note
If you can’t finish the 400 under 2:00 every time, scale the run down to a 300. I want you to be able to do the thrusters unbroken, and the gymnastics in no more than 2 sets. If you don’t have pullups, do jumping pullups today. For level 2, kip or jump to the top after the one strict pullup for the negatives.

Gymnastics Density
10:00 EMOM
5 Strict hspu
:20 pvc strict press

Olympic Technique Work
all at 50%, for perfect form
1 rep, 10:00 EMOM, all in a row (so 0-10 Split Jerk, 10-20 Squat Snatch, etc)
Split Jerk, from the rack

Squat Snatch

Squat clean

Front Range CrossFit Workout 6/15/19 Saturday

3 Rounds:
Up and back fr carry
3 Tire flips
5 pushups/hspu
150 run

CrossFit Workout
5 Rounds each, you go I go style:
50m unbroken double kb front rack carry 16/12
5 tire flips


Accumulate 100 hand release pushups.
EMOM including start, both partners do 10 air squats

into (relay style, each person goes)
Run 550
Bike 40/30 cals
Run 300m

24/16 FRC, HSPU

8 Rounds on the :90 for each lift:
Clean and Jerk
start @ 83% and build as perfect technique allows

Then 2×1 @95%+

Midline Work
5 Rounds of
50m farmer’s carry @30% of max deadlift in each hand
1:00 Barbell glute bridge hold
:90 rest in between rounds

Lactate Tolerance Work
On the 2:00 Start by 8 rounds: 150/120m ski sprint

These should tail off. Go balls to the wall every time. It should be about 1:3 work to rest, which isn’t quite full recovery. The goal is to flood yourself with lactate and then hold on as much as you can.

CrossFit Workout 7/12/19 Wednesday

Every :75 for 8 rounds
2 back squats @ 2211, building to strength weight.
Every other round, also do 2 half kneeling strict presses/side

Every 5:00 for 5 rounds
Back squat 5×5 93%
Strict press 5×10/arm
10 Stick jumps/du

CrossFit Workout
10:00 AMRAP
32 stick jumps 20″”/12″”

12 BFB
60 DU

Coach’s Note
These back squats should be heavy. They’re straight sets the whole way. The workout should be possible to do unbroken, but challenging. The only reason to rest will be breathing–try and go out at a pace that you can maintain.

8×8 Strict Ring dips
rest :30 in between rounds

Running Intervals
:30/:30 run x 6 rounds.
Rest 3:00
x3 sets.

CrossFit Workout 6/5/19 Wednesday

3 lengths each of:
High knees
Butt kicks

Then do the kb warmup.

Workout Warmup
3 rounds
3 snatches Up to wow
3 kb snatches/side

CrossFit Workout
30:00 EMOM
A 3 Snatches. Start @75/55 and add 10/5 until you get to 115/75. Then stay there.
B 4 box jump overs+8 total kb snatches 24/16
C 150 run

Last round, max snatches and kb snatches. Score is total reps.

Rx+ Start @ 115/75 go up to 155/105, 6 BJO
Scaled: Stay at 75/55 the whole time, 12/8 on the kb snatch

Hang Power Snatch 5×3 @80-85%

Mixed Conditioning
8 rounds
20/14 cal bike
300m run
rest 1:00

Score is slowest round.

CrossFit Workout 6/3/19 Monday

2 rounds
3 hang muscle cleans 30-50%
:25 star plank/side

3 rounds:
3 hang power cleans 50-75%
:25 star plank/side

On the 3:00 start x 5 rounds:
Hang Power clean 5×3 80-85%
Lat pulldown 5×12

CrossFit Workout
For time:
20 Power cleans 135/95
EMOM, including start, 12 abmat situps
400m run (obviously no situps here)

rest 3:00

Repeat at 115/75, and go faster.

Rx+ 25+25 and 8 GHDs
Scaled HPC 95/65, 75/55, 6 feet anchored situps

Coach’s Note
You only run once each go round. This is going to be grippy and fast. Make sure that you are keeping good form on the cleans, but this workout is all about the transitions from 12 abmat situps to the power cleans. Think 55-65% for the first go through, and 45-55% for the second. You should be done with the cleans in 2-3 minutes each round. I think it might be possible to do the second round in 1 minute, but you’ll have to fly.

10 sets
2 RMU+5 ring swings

5 rounds:
15m double kb OHWL–unbroken, pick a weight that is challenging but doable
6 Stone shoulder
rest 2:00 in between rounds

CrossFit Workout 5/31/19 Friday

12:00 EMOM
A 4 rounds of 3 back squats @ 2211 up to first strength weight (then change your weights)
B 3 half kneeling strict press/arm @ 2112
C 150 run

Every 5:00×5 Rounds
Back squat 5 reps building from 70%
Half kneeling Strict press 15/arm
3 BBJO Up to workout height

CrossFit Workout
For time with a 15:00 cap:
40 Wallballs 14/8-10 pounds
400m run
20 Burpee box jump overs 24/20
30 wallballs 20/14
300m run
20 wallballs 30/20
150 run

Rx+ 50/40/30 for wallballs, same weight
30/20/10 for BBJO

Wallball weights
20/14 and 15/10/5 to 20/16 BBJO

Coach’s Note
The point of this workout is to mix and match wallball weights. Use a light ball, your normal ball, and a heavy ball. If you normally use a 4 pound ball, go to a lower target for the light ball. This time cap is tight. You have to hold onto that first set of wallballs way more than you want to if you hope to finish.

:30/:30 bike for 8:00×3 rounds with a 6:00 rest in between rounds

Push Jerk 5×4 @75-80% of Push Jerk
Front Rack Bulgarian SS 5×15/leg