Friday Night Lights at FRCF

This year, we’ll be doing a slightly different take on Friday Night Lights.

Everyone who signs up for The CrossFit Open this year will be placed on a team, and we’ll be doing an intra-gym team competition around the open.

Every single person will have the opportunity to score points each week for their team–for hitting PRs, for coming to Friday night lights (even if you have to do the workout at another time!), and in a few other ways that are still to be announced.

Each Friday, we’ll have food, drinks and community at the gym–and prizes for weekly challenges.

Talk to John or Kumi for more details.

Make sure to go ahead and register for the open in order to give us time to prepare the teams. We’ll have computers set up for everyone to register on 1/27, but feel free to register on your own before then here.

Don’t know what The CrossFit Open is? Here’s a (less than two minute) video that explains it all.

Thanks for being the best members always!