Brett’s Story

Coach’s Note

Brett is a little hard on himself in his story, but it’s so raw and authentic we wanted to publish it as he wrote it–when he comes into the gym, he’s a very hard worker, and he’s motivated enough to sometimes go lift at a 24 hour facility when he couldn’t make it into the gym. Since being home, Brett has been doing individual programming at home during this period, and has consistently CRUSHED 5 days a week, all while working a full time job from home. Most importantly, he’s humble enough to work on the parts of his fitness regimen that have held him back in the past. We’re incredibly proud of him. Just as a small glimpse, he’s hit 3 PRs during Covid!:

  • Clean
  • Push Press
  • Deadlift

Brett’s Story:

     When I first moved to Colorado about 10 years ago I lived up in Keystone, so exercise was basically built into everyday life. During the winter we’d always be snowboarding when we weren’t working, or in the summer I’d ride my downhill bike at Keystone during my breaks and days off so I was always doing some sort of exercise as part of my hobbies. It was a big adjustment moving to Denver, having more of a desk job and trying to find healthy hobbies outside of work in the city. I’ve been a member at Front Range for a couple of years now and I’ve struggled with getting into an actual consistent routine coming in. I’ve kind of always been the one to choose happy hour with coworkers, or friends, over going to the gym. It wasn’t until just before Christmas when I actually made the decision to reset my priorities and focus on living a healthier lifestyle. I think shifting my priorities was because of how much better, mentally, I felt after the gym and it led me to a healthier lifestyle all around. I ended up eating cleaner and then I also made the decision not to keep alcohol in the house. Then going into the stay at home order I knew I had to set some boundaries for myself and have to stick to them like I had before. I knew that if I ate something “unhealthy” or I had some drinks with friends (social distance style of course), that I couldn’t go completely off the rails and I had to get back on track. Everything in life seems to be changing, so it’s nice to have an actual routine with everything being so out of the ordinary these days.

How much more I’m working out

    I used to come to Front Range on Monday and Wednesday then rarely on a Friday or Saturday. Then I would go to 24 hour fitness and just do compound lifts on Tuesdays and Thursdays. To be honest I was nervous to do CrossFit more just because I felt like I physically wasn’t capable, which it was probably more of a mental thing. I really started to notice actual results when I started coming in at least four days a week. Now I’m working out five days a week and feel a lot better. I remember the first day I came in two days in a row and John laughed and called me out “holy crap Brett’s here two days in a row” or something along those lines. Writing this and telling this is not within my comfort zone. I really do not like attention, at all, and John knows that. That being said, I honestly can’t thank him, the other coaches, or members, enough for creating such a great atmosphere, which is why I agreed to share what I’ve been working on. I feel fortunate to be part of a gym that allows us to take equipment home, do zoom classes, answer text messages, and just have that personal interaction with its members, not something I expected to find. This is the best physically and mentally I have felt in a long time, and I thank John and everyone at Front Range for that.

Coach’s Post Note
We’re going to try and spotlight the multitude of members like Brett we have who have crushed continuing to work out at home. If you need help getting your fitness together at home, set up a time to chat with the free intro button! We specialize in working with busy adults who need fun, varied, well-guided fitness programs that are built around their goals.