Our unique belief in fitness

Our unique belief in fitness.

Here at FRCF, we believe athletes need three types of workouts. Base, build, and burn. 

Base days are grunt work. Simple movements, long durations, steady effort. These days build stamina and endurance, help us learn to work for a long time, and allow for intensity to be moderated throughout the week. 

Build days are the days that teach us about pacing and control. The strength portion of class on these days is focused on stability, endurance, and balance. These are the days that build a foundation of lean muscle, help us improve our joint health, and make us look great naked! The conditioning on these days is all about control and increasing intensity. This helps us learn how to pace, increases intensity we can bring to workouts, and ensures we stay in control so our technique stays excellent. 

Burn days are heavy lifting and hard, fast workouts. This is the tip of the spear. The strength days on these days will be heavy and low rep. The conditioning will be lower volume and higher intensity. These are the days where we increase power and strength, work on flamethrower intensity, and improve our grit and toughness. By spreading these days out, we let you come throughout the week without burning out.

This is our recipe. Following this recipe is going to keep you healthy and motivated for a long time, make you look AWESOME, and will build the fitness that allows you to do whatever you want–inside and outside the gym.


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