How to Thrive this Week

How to succeed this week

It’s Thanksgiving this week–normally a time of gluttony and celebration. This year might look a little different, but here are our recommendations for staying on track this week.

  1. Understand where you are at this year, and set realistic goals that include the chance to go off schedule for workouts and nutrition. Not only should you enjoy some good food on thanksgiving, but this year, holidays are likely to be an even bigger source of stress than normal. If stress is a trigger for you, be honest about that and set some realistic goals to respond in a healthy manner. Write those goals down, tell a friend (or us!), and then enjoy your planned gluttony and fun guilt free! 
  2. Workout at least 3 times this week. Working out will help you feel better, and sleep better–which in a week where you’re likely to change your diet and consume more alcohol, is important for feeling ok. Even if you can’t make it into the gym, get yourself moving at home. If you need some at home workouts, let us know and we’ll send some your way. 
  3. Prioritize vegetables, water, and protein in your first meal of the day. The later the day goes on, the more likely the food you eat this week will tend towards sugar, alcohol, or other treats. Getting a lean, nutritious meal in first thing will help stave off cravings, set you up for success, and ensure your micronutrient game is on track this week. 

Remember–you SHOULD have some treats this week, if those make you happy. It’s a week to try and find gratitude in our daily lives, and the chance to eat something fun, sleep in a little longer, or just chill out might be just what the doctor ordered. We just want to make sure to stay on track by making small tweaks to keep us feeling good while we enjoy the week! 


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