Front Range CrossFit Workout 6/15/19 Saturday

3 Rounds:
Up and back fr carry
3 Tire flips
5 pushups/hspu
150 run

CrossFit Workout
5 Rounds each, you go I go style:
50m unbroken double kb front rack carry 16/12
5 tire flips


Accumulate 100 hand release pushups.
EMOM including start, both partners do 10 air squats

into (relay style, each person goes)
Run 550
Bike 40/30 cals
Run 300m

24/16 FRC, HSPU

8 Rounds on the :90 for each lift:
Clean and Jerk
start @ 83% and build as perfect technique allows

Then 2×1 @95%+

Midline Work
5 Rounds of
50m farmer’s carry @30% of max deadlift in each hand
1:00 Barbell glute bridge hold
:90 rest in between rounds

Lactate Tolerance Work
On the 2:00 Start by 8 rounds: 150/120m ski sprint

These should tail off. Go balls to the wall every time. It should be about 1:3 work to rest, which isn’t quite full recovery. The goal is to flood yourself with lactate and then hold on as much as you can.