Equipment Needed for Outdoor Classes This Week

Equipment needed for outdoor classes this week
Tuesday equipment needed:
No equipment is always an option, just as an FYI.
KB/DB track: 1 kb/db for crush carries/ lateral stepovers or cossack squats, and a yoga mat (optional, you’ll have a stall mat provided). Rx would’ve been purple/blue.
Barbell–a plate for the above. Probably 45/25.
Both tracks–a box for stepovers 20/16 inches. You can also do Cossack Squats.

Thursday Equipment needed:
KB/DB–weights suitable for a hang squat snatch or hang power snatch to OHS for the lift, and then a power snatch for the workout.
Barbell–Hang squat snatch weights for the lift, light (95/65 rx) weights for the workout as a hang power snatch.
Both tracks–a pvc would be helpful. We do have some extra PVCs available so if you don’t have one and would like one we can provide one.


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