CrossFit Workout Workout 6/12/18

10:00 of:
10 breaths in lizard e/side
10 planche rocks
10 banded overhead squats w/pvc

Workout Warmup
5 rounds:
5 slow down, paused OHS up to 135/95
a set of double unders
wall strike drills

CrossFit Workout
400m run
15 OHS 95/65

Coach’s Note
This workout is about managing the fatigue from the early runs in order to get through at least 3 sets of the squats unbroken. Once you get into the later rounds, try and push the runs a bit, and dig deep to hang onto the barbell. The overhead squat weight should be a weight that you can go unbroken for the first few sets.

Find a 1rm Push press

3 attempts at max double unders in 1:00. Rest as needed in between.

none today