CrossFit Workout 9/7/18 Friday

3 rounds
1 length leopard crawl
5 light, slow upright rows/side
5 empty bar tall power snatches

Workout Warmup
“Warm up to 80% of your power snatch
in between, 3 rounds of:
10 face pulls on the rings
:30 Hand stand hold

CrossFit Workout
Every :90 x 8 rounds
1 power snatch @ 80-90%

3 :15 all out airdyne sprints. Rest 2:00 after each set

Coach’s Note
Find a weight that challenges you but allows for really good technique. Focus on finishing your pull and then punching down aggressively. For the sprints, completely sell out. Can anyone get 50 calories?

None. Rest up for retest week next week!

Every 2min x10 sets 1 Behind the Neck push jerk @70%

Find your max strict HSPU
rest 3:00
find your max kipping HSPU