CrossFit Workout 9/6/18

Do the 5 step. Then:
3 rounds of:
:20 single leg glute bridge/side
1:00 hero’s pose w/pvc
1 length bounding bear crawl

Workout Warmup
All together: 4 rounds of:
1 length high knees
1 length butt kicks
1 length a skips
1 length carioca with high knee
rest 1:00 in between rounds

CrossFit Workout
Every 5:00 x 4 rounds
400m run

3 rounds for quality and slowness, all without stopping:
10 vups
10 hollow rocks
:30 flutter kicks

Coach’s Note
Get after these runs. If you can’t finish 400s under 2:30, scale to 300s. For the cashout, focus on moving slowly and being in perfect positions.

Make up something

make up something


Make up something