CrossFit Workout 9/5/18 Wednesday

10:00 of:
1 length toy soldiers to RDLs
:45 couch stretch/side
A set of the Rob Shaul warmup

The Rob Shaul Warmup is done with a barbell. It consists of:
1 power clean
1 left legged lunge
1 right legged lunge
1 shoulder press

You repeat that 3 times without stopping. That is one set.

20:00 to Build to 90% in your power clean. Keep it clean and technical!
In between, 5 rounds of:
2 high, non rebounded box jumps
:20 hollow hold

CrossFit Workout
9:00 AMRAP
20 Power cleans 115/75
20 kb weighted situps 16kg/12kg

None–unless you missed the 1k row. In which case do that instead of the pistols.

Every 2min x10 sets 1 snatch @60-70%

4 rounds supersetted of
10 pistol foot switches total
rest :30
10 alternating pistols total
rest as needed after the superset