CrossFit Workout 9/10/18 Monday

Welcome to Retest week!

10 snatch grip rdls
10 snatch high pulls
10 muscle snatches
10 power snatches from high hang
10 power snatches from low hang
10 front rack pulses
10 muscle cleans
10 power cleans from high hang
10 power cleans from low hang

Then hit a few lifts at an easy weight.

CrossFit Workout

Snatch and Power Clean ladder. Start this by 10:00 into the class.

You get to choose where you want to start this time.

Every :90 add:
5 pounds if your power snatch is under 185
10 pounds if your power snatch is over 185

Once you have found a heavy power snatch, repeat with power clean.

Note: We’re doing this as a ladder. Because of this, while you’re welcome to do your own programming as per normal, all of the weights and barbells are spoken for. Please do not disassemble any part of the ladder.

1rm back squat. You can do this before or after the WOD.

no skills today

50/40 cals for time on the airdyne. 1:00 Cap.