CrossFit Workout 8/27/15 Thursday

General Warm-up
550 meter run

IronScap Shoulder Warm-up (start this at 5 past the hour)

5 Step Movement and Mobility  (start this at 10 past the hour)

90 Rep Warm-up (start this at 15 past the hour)
3 rounds of:
10 air squats
10 pushups
10 V-ups

Workout Specific Warm-u(start this at 20 past the hour)
5 x 3 of overhead squat, start counting at 50% of your max OHS and go up to a heavier weight than you are going to use in the workout.
Pull-up warm-up after each set.

Workout (start this at 45 past the hour)

4 rounds for time of:
5 overhead squats, heavier than normal
10 pullups
20 walking lunges
30 V-ups
400 meter run

What I mean by “heavier than normal”:  If you normally OHS 95/65, please go up to either 115/75 or 135/95.  The set of 5 needs to be done in one set, but it should be a heavy set.  If you normally do this kind of workout with 135/95, please do 165/115.

Competition Team Lift

Please make up a team lift from this week.

Competition Team Skills

Please make up a team skills workout from this week.

Supplemental Workout

Please make up a supplemental workout from this week.