CrossFit Workout 8/9/19 Friday

2 rounds
:30 of banded ankle distraction/side
:30 goblet squat hold

Then, with a 5:00 cap
Accumulate 2:00 back squat hold (bottom) with 33% of your 1rm.

If you’re unsure of your 1rm, do 75/55.

Every 2:00 for 6 total rounds
A 6 Paused back squats up to something heavy
B Tuck lever progression+ 1 power snatch up to workout weight

CrossFit Workout
Wallballs x 5 20/14 to 10′
Rope raises 24/16
Power Snatches

165/115 snatch, 1 legless rope climb each round

Coach’s Note
The wallball sets should be hard to maintain pick a weight for the rope raises that is very challenging. The power snatch weight should be about 70-75% of your 1rm. Don’t pick a weight you can touch and go unless it’s RX.

Gymnastics Density Work
10×9 unbroken pushups

Barbell Stamina Work
15:00 EMOM
5 Front Squats
10 Back Squats
5 Bench Press

Front squats and Back Squats at 56% of back squat
Bench Press @ 71% “

Run 1 mile

Rest 3:00

Run 1 mile

Try to keep these as close as possible. If you can’t run 1 mile in less than 9:00, do 9:00 of running instead.