CrossFit Workout 8/7/19 Wednesday

10:00 of:
1 snatch+ 1 ohs up to 80%
3 box jump overs
:30 of sciatic nerve flossing/side

3 Rounds on the :90 start
A 1 Power snatch+3 OHS. Start @ 80% of your lowest weight.
B 60m farmer’s carry AHAP+ 5 single leg RDLs,/leg building to heavy
C Strict HSPU work
L1 3-5 deficit pike HSPU
L2 2 negatives+AMSAP pause 1″ off the ground on the last one
L3 3-5 at a deficit. Add height every round

Then, do a few rounds of 3 of the workout

CrossFit Workout
Climb as far as you can in 12:00
3 Shoulder to overhead 95/65
3 BJO 24/20
3 T2B



No one goes up, just go farther

Coach’s Note
Someone will get into the round of 21. Everyone should be able to make it well into the round of 15. If you can’t do at least 10 unbroken shoulder to overhead, pick a lighter weight. For the T2B, consider breaking earlier than you think you need to so that you have some juice left for the bigger sets at the end.

Clean and Jerk
2×3 @ 71%
2×2 @81%
2×1 @ 86%

21 unbroken thrusters 95/65 on the 3:00 start for 4 rounds

Grip and Core Work
100 standing empty bar forearm curls e direction
75 GHDs
100 empty barbell curls

Score is number of sets—don’t really care how long it takes, I want you to rip off big chunks.

Row 5 minutes

rest 1:00

Row 5:00, faster