CrossFit Workout 8/7/18 Tuesday

3 rounds of:
10 scap pullups
1:00 couch stretch/side
:20 rope row hold

Workout Warmup
5 rounds:
6-8 seated leg lifts
1-3 strict supinated pullups. If you can, add weight. If you’re going to do rope climbs, do 1 legless rope climb.
:20 bottom of lunge hold/side
rope climb clamp practice

CrossFit Workout
4 rounds for time:
8 strict pullups
20/16 calorie row
24 walking lunge steps total

If you can do rope climbs, do 2 rope climbs each round instead of pullups.

Coach’s Note
The row and the lunges should be unbroken and steady. The pullups should take no more than 3 sets. If you have rope climbs, use this as an opportunity to test them under fatigue. If you’re uncertain or unfamiliar with rope climbs, practice them during the warmup and do pullups for the workout.

50 min easy bike. every 5:00 get off and do 1 strict muscle up.

Every 4 min x 7 sets 1 back squat @90-92.5%

3 rounds, not for time:
:15 hanging L-sit
A medium set of unbroken T2B
12 GHD situps